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Dean Guitars: Are They Good? A Full, In-Depth Guide

By: Andy Fraser, www.guitarinsideout.com

Discover the history and quality of Dean Guitars in this in-depth guide. Learn about their ownership, where they’re made, and the famous artists who play them. Find out if Dean guitars are good for beginners and experienced guitarists alike. Explore their range of electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, as well as their affordable entry-level models and high-end options. Uncover why Dean guitars are associated with rock and metal, and how they’ve overcome challenges to stay in business. Don’t miss this comprehensive guide to Dean Guitars. Read more

The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 120

By: FJ Staff, www.fretboardjournal.com

In the 120th episode of The Truth About Vintage Amps, amp tech Skip Simmons answers questions on tube amps. Topics include a possible Oregon meetup, Fretboard Summit recap, and Skip’s contraband riding lawn mower. The episode also covers magnifiers, self-split output stages, and offshoot amp brands. Tune in for amp talk, music recommendations, and more. Read more

Victory V1 The Copper Review

By: Dave Hunter, www.premierguitar.com

The Victory V1 The Copper is a top-boost AC-style amp-in-a-box pedal that delivers a wide range of gain from subtle bite to raunchy overdrive. Designed in collaboration with Adrian Thorpe of ThorpyFX, this pedal captures the essence of Victory’s VC35 Copper amp head. It features a rugged, folded-steel enclosure with a metallic copper finish and a unique control layout. The tone control acts as a stand-in for the cut control on top-boost AC30s, allowing for precise tonal shaping. The pedal works best with amps lacking treble, and its transformative powers shine when paired with darker, warmer amps. Read more

Which Strymon Delay Pedal Is Right For Me?

By: Sean Halley, www.strymon.net

Choosing the right Strymon delay pedal for your pedalboard can be daunting. This blog post provides tips on how to choose between the various Strymon delay pedals, considering factors like the type of delay sound, analog vs. digital, panning, MIDI sync, tap tempo, pedal size, and USB connectivity. The post also describes the dBucket and dTape algorithms used in Strymon pedals, which recreate the behavior of bucket brigade chips and tape machines, respectively. Read more

The Waylon Jennings Phaser Pedal | Artist Signature Series | Fender

By: Fender, www.youtube.com

Discover the new Waylon Jennings Signature phaser pedal in this video by Fender. Join John Schreffler as he tests out the pedal, and listen to Josh Chapman and Shooters Jennings walk us through its features. If you’re a fan of Waylon Jennings or interested in signature guitar pedals, this is a must-watch. Check out the link in the description for more information. #Fender #ArtistSignatureSeries #WaylonJennings Read more

All-Pedal Galactavise Compressor

By: Pedal of the Day, www.pedal-of-the-day.com

Discover the All-Pedal Galactavise Compressor, a compression lover’s dream with five parameter controls and a wide spectrum of sounds. Built with the musician’s needs in mind, this pedal boasts an uncompromisingly sweet compressor circuit and the ability to adjust the top end with the Presence control. It’s a great tool for balancing sound dynamics and ensuring consistent output. Check out the demo video and find out more on the All-Pedal website. Read more

Study With Adam Guitar Legend – Randy McGowan

By: Adam Rafferty, www.adamrafferty.com

Discover the inspiring musical journey of Randy McGowan, a certified Study With Adam Guitar Legend! After years of sporadic playing, Randy’s retirement offered him the perfect opportunity to rekindle his passion for fingerstyle guitar. With the mentorship of Study With Adam, Randy has experienced a musical renaissance, mesmerizing audiences with his fingerstyle magic. He has also expanded his skills on the bass guitar and aims to curate a unique wedding repertoire. Randy’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and the right guidance. Read more to be inspired by Randy’s story. Read more

Dom Flemons Brings a Deep Knowledge of Roots Music to His Work as the American Songster

By: Adam Perlmutter, acousticguitar.com

In this blog post, Dom Flemons, also known as the American Songster, discusses his journey to becoming a music scholar and historian. He shares how he found his own voice by studying old and new songs and explains what makes the ideal acoustic guitar. Flemons has a repertoire that covers decades of roots music and he strives to preserve the songs while putting his own imprint on them. He aims to make the old songs sound familiar yet unique to both new and familiar listeners. Read more to discover Flemons’ approach to interpreting and presenting roots music. Read more

Holier Than Thou Guitar Lesson – Metallica

By: Carl Brown, guitarlessons365.com

Learn how to play Metallica’s ‘Holier Than Thou’ in its entirety with this guitar lesson. The lesson covers the song’s cool riffs, including the intense opening riff and the highly effective main riff. It also breaks down Kirk Hammett’s solo phrase-by-phrase, showcasing his signature wah-drenched blues-based licks and melodic shred. Read more

“Why Do My Chord Changes Sound Bad?” The Ultimate Cheat-Sheet That’ll Fix Your Messy Chords

By: Tiff L B, yourguitarbrain.com

“Why Do My Chord Changes Sound Bad?” The Ultimate Cheat-Sheet That’ll Fix Your Messy Chords. Struggling with slow and muted chord changes? Improve your playing and conquer frustration with our ultimate chord cheat sheet. Learn about the common culprits behind messy chord changes and how to fix them, including lack of finger strength, inaccurate finger placement, poor timing and rhythm, poor knowledge of chord shapes and transitions, and lack of commitment to practice. Read more

Aizakk Riel Clores: RACER X / PAUL GILBERT – Scarified (Guitar Cover)

By: Laurie Monk, www.truthinshredding.com

Check out this incredible guitar cover of RACER X / PAUL GILBERT’s ‘Scarified’ by Aizakk Riel Clores. With impressive speed and precision, Clores showcases his shredding skills in this high-energy performance. Read more

Can You Write And Record A Black Sabbath Song In Under 10 Minutes? Here’s What That Sounds Like [News]

By: www.ultimate-guitar.com

YouTuber Bradley Hall attempts to write and record a Black Sabbath song in under 10 minutes. He starts by creating an evil-sounding riff, then moves on to drums and vocals, faithfully paying tribute to Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne. The end result is an impressive race to the finish line, capturing the essence of Black Sabbath’s doom sound. Check out the video to hear the full song on Bradley Hall’s Spotify account. Read more

Antonio Rugolo Plays Estudio de Velocidad by Tarrega

By: Bradford Werner, www.thisisclassicalguitar.com

Italian guitarist Antonio Rugolo performs Estudio de Velocidad by Francisco Tárrega. Rugolo’s playing showcases his skill in single lines and various techniques. Watch the video on his YouTube channel to see his impressive phrasing. Rugolo teaches guitar at Conservatorio “E. R. Duni” in Matera, Italy. Check out more of his performances on the site. Read more

Bass Fitness 101: A DIY Guide to Weight Relief and Body Transformation?

By: Guitar Fail, www.guitarfail.com

Discover a DIY weight relief technique for bass guitars that involves cutting, drilling, and building a lower horn. This unconventional approach promises a lighter and more comfortable playing experience. While it may not be for the faint of heart, it offers the opportunity to transform your bass into the lightest and quirkiest instrument in town. Embark on a musical journey of transformation and trim the fat of your bass. Just be prepared for the purists to scream in agony! Read more


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