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Legendary Pickup Builder Explains How Tonewood Can Impact Your Electric Guitar Sound

By: David Slavkovic, killerguitarrigs.com

In a recent interview, pickup builder Jason Lollar discusses the current state of the pickup-building business and the challenges of standing out in a crowded market. He believes that competition has helped the industry grow and that the availability of parts suppliers selling pickups has opened up opportunities for smaller makers. Lollar also mentions that his book on pickup winding has inspired many to start making their own pickups. He emphasizes the importance of consistency in design and understanding the factors that affect tone. Lollar shares a story about a counter issue that affected their results and highlights the importance of wire diameter. Read more

The JAMR Custom Mona Lisa : A Pricey Piece of Art or a Musical Misfit?

By: Guitar Fail, www.guitarfail.com

Introducing the JAMR Custom Mona Lisa guitar, a headless wonder with a body made from Primavera wood and a neck crafted from figured Maple. Equipped with an interface for plug-in to an iPhone or iPad, this unconventional instrument is hand-finished with over twenty coats of lacquer. Priced at $2500, it’s a revolutionary masterpiece or a musical misfit? You decide. Read more to find out how to play it without a head and if there’s a market for this quirky guitar. Read more

Messiah Guitars Eddie Boostdrive

By: Paolo De Gregorio, delicious-audio.com

Discover the Messiah Guitars Eddie Boostdrive, a versatile 2-in-1 signature pedal with a MOSFET boost and soft-clipped drive. With two overdrive voicings and a 3-band EQ, this pedal offers tonal flexibility and can be used for transparent boosting or pushing into distortion territory. The Tight switch tames the low-end for a leaner tone, while the boost and drive channels have dedicated footswitches. Watch the video demo by RJ Ronquillo to hear it in action. Read more

Kemper Announces Liquid Profiling

By: www.sonicstate.com

Kemper has announced their new Liquid Profiling technology, combining profiling and modeling for guitar players and producers. With Liquid Profiling, users can enjoy the exact profiles of their individual amps while also accessing the original sonic bandwidth and tone stacks of their amps’ brand. This technology seamlessly assimilates Kemper’s acclaimed patented profiling technology with modeling, providing the best of both worlds. Liquid Profiles feature authentic tonestacks and gain behavior, eliminating the limitations of snapshots. The OS 10.0 public beta is currently available for free, along with Liquid Profiling content from renowned Rig vendors. Read more

Stephen Stubbs Plays Sanz and Murcia on Baroque Guitar

By: Bradford Werner, www.thisisclassicalguitar.com

Stephen Stubbs performs Pavanas by Gaspar Sanz and Fandango by Santiago de Murcia on the Baroque guitar. The performance is rhythmic and authentic, showcasing the beauty and charm of the instrument. If you’re interested in playing Sanz’s works, there is an extensive collection available on the sheet music page. Watch the video on YouTube for a wonderful display of Baroque guitar playing. Read more

Joshua De La Victoria: Creating layers with guitar, vocals, & violin

By: Laurie Monk, www.truthinshredding.com

Discover how Joshua De La Victoria creates captivating layers of sound using guitar, vocals, and violin. This talented musician showcases his unique approach to music-making, offering a fresh perspective on guitar-based compositions. Read more

Easy Country Fingerstyle Pattern

By: Gary Heimbauer, www.guitarnoise.com

Learn an easy country fingerpicking pattern that can be applied to any chord progression. The pattern is taught in two parts, with detailed instructions on finger placement and rhythm. Once mastered, the two parts can be played together as one big pattern. This versatile pattern can be used on any chord anywhere on the neck, as long as the root note is played on the first and third beat. Check out the blog post for more detailed instructions and examples! Read more

Harmonization of Minor Scales On Guitar – Natural, Melodic and Harmonic Minor

By: www.jazz-guitar-licks.com

Discover a wealth of jazz guitar lessons for beginners and advanced players on this blog. From licks and transcriptions to scales and arpeggios, chords, voicings, and jazz standards, this blog covers it all. Dive into music theory, guitar practice tips, and even find cheat sheets, methods, eBooks, and posters to enhance your learning. Explore jazz backing tracks, tools, and PDF methods/eBooks. Don’t miss out on the extensive collection of licks, patterns, and transcriptions, as well as the wide range of chord and arpeggio resources. Start your jazz guitar journey today! Read more

Left Handed Washburn Guitars

By: Neal, leftyfretz.com

Looking for left handed Washburn guitars? Well, you might be out of luck! While most guitar brands have been increasing their lefty models, Washburn seems to be doing the opposite. At the time of writing, Washburn does not offer any left handed guitars or basses. The last lefty offered was the now-discontinued HD10SLH acoustic. However, you may still find some on the used market. Washburn customer support confirmed the lack of lefty instruments, but hopefully, they will rectify this in the future. Check out our left handed guitar database for alternative options. Read more

Mastering a Gorgeous Blues Guitar Lick

By: Klaus Crow, www.guitarhabits.com

Learn a gorgeous blues guitar lick that will spice up your blues soloing. This lick incorporates the enigmatic b5 (blue note) and the velvety 6th note, adding tension and emotion to your playing. Practice tips include starting slow, focusing on hitting each note clearly, and experimenting with rhythm and techniques. Jam along with backing tracks and play with friends to enhance your blues playing. Record yourself to track your progress. Grab your guitar and let those bluesy vibes flow! Read more

Tips on Playing “Shake Sugaree,” an Elizabeth Cotten Fingerpicking Staple

By: Adam Perlmutter, acousticguitar.com

Discover the fascinating story of Elizabeth Cotten, a significant figure in the acoustic guitar world. After giving up the instrument for many years, Cotten’s musical gifts were rediscovered when she began playing one of the Seeger family’s guitars. Her signature song, ‘Shake Sugaree,’ is transcribed in the July/August 2023 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine, capturing Cotten’s bright fingerpicking style. Although the song is harmonically simple, there are many interesting details to explore. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, the notation and tablature cannot be posted online. Check out the magazine for the full transcription and learn how to create dynamic accompaniments like Cotten. Read more

3 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners UK

By: Alexander J Hastedt, www.guitaraficionado.com

Discover the 3 best acoustic guitars for beginners in the UK. From the Yamaha APXT2 to the Ibanez AAD50CE, these guitars offer excellent quality and features for beginners. The Yamaha APXT2 is a travel-sized guitar with electric capabilities and a convenient built-in tuner. The Ibanez AAD50CE is a premium option for those with more experience, offering a rich tone and high-quality construction. Find out more about these guitars and what to look for when buying a beginner acoustic guitar. Read more

Podcast 423: Wyatt Ellis

By: Jason Verlinde, www.fretboardjournal.com

Discover the incredible journey of 14-year-old Wyatt Ellis, a rising star in the bluegrass music scene. From teaching himself to play the mandolin, guitar, and fiddle during the pandemic to sharing the stage with Peter Rowan and Billy Strings, Wyatt’s talent is undeniable. He even owns one of Marty Stuart’s old Gibson Lloyd Loar-signed mandolins. Find out how he achieved all this and what’s next for him in this captivating interview. Don’t miss the chance to hear from this prodigy who is taking the music world by storm. Read more

Wanna see the most f**ked up yet great rockstar bios ever?

By: peter.j.hodgson, iheartguitarblog.com

Get ready to dive into the most f#^ked up yet great rockstar bios ever! This blog post showcases the KISS Dynasty tour programme, which is over-the-top and reminiscent of Brian De Palma’s style. If you’re a fan of outrageous band bios, this is a must-read. Don’t miss out on the chance to relive these epic days. Read more


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