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Unraveling the Rich Tapestries of Celtic Music

By: Nathan, blog.truefire.com

Discover the rich tapestries of Celtic music, a genre rooted in the diverse folk traditions of Celtic nations. Explore the melodic and rhythmic intricacies, the unique instrumentation, and the storytelling through song that characterizes this genre. Learn about the evolution of Celtic music and its enduring relevance in the modern context. Pay tribute to five respected Celtic guitarists, including Tony McManus and Davy Graham, who have made significant contributions to the genre. Celtic music festivals serve as important platforms to showcase and preserve this music. Dive into the captivating world of Celtic music and its vibrant cultural legacy. Read more

14 Best YouTube Channels For Free Guitar Lessons For Beginners

By: Neal, leftyfretz.com

Looking for free guitar lessons for beginners on YouTube? Check out these 14 best YouTube channels that offer structured courses, song lessons, technique tips, and more. Justin Guitar, with 20 years of experience, provides well-curated video lessons and complete structured courses. Read more

2023 UPDATE: Best Multi Reverb Pedals | Stereo and Mono

By: Christopher Scapelliti, delicious-audio.com

Discover the best multi-reverb pedals for guitarists who crave a variety of reverb flavors. From compact stompboxes to full-blown workstations, these pedals offer a range of features and control. Explore the depth of algorithms and parameters that can be tweaked to create infinite possibilities. Whether you’re looking for studio-quality reverb or unique creative reverbs, this list has you covered. Read more

John Petrucci Says ’Nobody Can Probably Tell’ Between Digital and Real Amps, Weighs in on Nuno Bettencourt’s ’Rise’ Solo

By: David Slavkovic, killerguitarrigs.com

In an interview with Killer Guitar Rigs, John Petrucci discusses his shift to digital amps and his experience with guitar plugins. He mentions that while he was initially skeptical, trying out the Plini Archetype by Neural DSP changed his mind. Petrucci praises Neural DSP for creating a great guitar production suite and believes that they are doing it right. He also acknowledges that while digital modelers have become incredibly good, there is still a randomness and physicality to real amplifiers that cannot be fully replicated. Petrucci’s interview provides insights into the evolving landscape of guitar amplification. Read more

Best impulse responses 2023: the secret sauce of great recorded guitar tone

By: Matt McCracken, www.guitarworld.com

Discover the best impulse responses for great recorded guitar tone. Amp modeling is becoming increasingly popular among guitarists, and the right impulse responses can take your recordings to the next level. These high-quality cab IRs from York Audio, GGD, Ownhammer, ML Soundlabs, and more allow you to capture the magic of a professionally recorded guitar cabinet and bring that perfect tone from your home studio to the stage. Read more

Chorus vs. Flange: What’s The Difference?

By: Stringjoy, stringjoy.com

Discover the difference between chorus and flanger guitar effects in this informative article. Learn about their history, how they work, and the sounds they produce. Find out how chorus mimics the effect of a real chorus and how it adds a lushness to your sound. Understand the modulation techniques used in chorus effects and how they create the unique warble. By the end of the article, you’ll have a better understanding of these iconic guitar effects and what the knobs on your pedals actually do. Read more

How to Play Like Nickel Creek Guitarist Sean Watkins

By: Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, acousticguitar.com

Learn how to play like Nickel Creek guitarist Sean Watkins, who has developed a unique guitar vocabulary that goes beyond traditional bluegrass techniques. Watkins incorporates partial chords, open voicings, hybrid picking, and other techniques in his playing. The blog post provides examples and instructions for playing some of his standout tracks from the album Celebrants. From using hybrid picking on “Strangers” to fingerpicking on “Holding Pattern,” Watkins showcases his versatility and creativity. Read more

Orange Amp Settings: Dial In The Best Tones

By: Don East, killerrig.com

Unlock a world of musical possibilities with the right Orange amp settings. This blog post explores the specific controls offered by Orange Amplifiers and provides insights into achieving the perfect tone for various genres. Learn how to adjust the EQ controls, gain control, master volume, reverb, and other parameters to shape your desired sound. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, understanding Orange amp settings can transform your sound and open up new musical horizons. Read more

Teisco’s Offering to the Early 6-String Bass Race

By: Frank Meyers, www.premierguitar.com

Discover the elusive and entertaining Teisco TB-64 6-string bass, a rare gem in the world of bass guitars. This unique instrument was Teisco’s version of the 6-string bass, similar to Fender’s Bass VI but with its own extreme design features. With a big clown-nose headstock and a hole in the body, the TB-64 stands out. It offers a wide range of tones with its on/off rocker switches, mini-switch for tone toggling, and unique wiring. Read more

Montenegrin Guitar Duo Play English Suite No.3, BWV 808 by Bach

By: Bradford Werner, www.thisisclassicalguitar.com

The Montenegrin Guitar Duo performs their arrangement of English Suite No.3, BWV 808 by Bach. The performance is characterized by invigorating rhythmic drive, crisp articulation, and amazing phrasing. Read more

Rickenbacker 330 vs 360: What is the Difference

By: Jodie Chiffey, guitarspace.org

Discover the differences between the Rickenbacker 330 and 360 guitars in this informative blog post. Learn about the variations in neck binding, fret marker style, output type, and overall length. Find out the key specifications of each model and explore their playability and versatility. Discover why the Rickenbacker 330 is considered a collectible item and highly rated by guitar enthusiasts. Read more

Strings and Circuits: When an Acoustic Guitar Becomes a Computer

By: Guitar Fail, www.guitarfail.com

Discover the Acoustic PC Edition, a unique creation that combines an acoustic guitar with a computer. This bizarre invention allows you to strum your guitar while computing complex equations and browsing the web. With a CD-ROM tray that takes you back to the dial-up internet days, this musical marvel offers a nostalgic experience. Although it may not be the most practical invention, it proves that the worlds of guitars and computers can collide in unexpected and hilarious ways. Embrace the off-beat and explore this harmonious yet absurd creation. Read more

Watch: New Forbidden Lineup Performing At Belgium’s Alcatraz Festival [News]

By: www.ultimate-guitar.com

Iconic Bay Area thrash metal band Forbidden played their first European show with their new lineup at the Alcatraz festival in Belgium. The band, who reunited last April after a decade off, debuted their latest additions, Norman Skinner (vocals) and Chris Kontos (drums), at a secret show in California. Forbidden will continue their reunion with more shows, including supporting Death Angel in December and appearing at the Hell’s Heroes festival in Texas in 2024. The band has also been in talks of releasing new music around 2024. Read more


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