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51 Best Country Guitarists Of All Time

By: Neal, leftyfretz.com

Discover the best country guitarists of all time in this guide, featuring both legendary players and rising stars. From Brad Paisley’s emotive playing to Keith Urban’s fusion of country with rock and pop, these guitar heroes have left an indelible mark on the genre. Learn about Merle Travis, the inventor of Travis Picking, and Chet Atkins, known as ‘Mr. Guitar’ for his influential techniques. Explore their achievements and watch videos of their best work. This list is a must-read for any country guitar fan! Read more

All About Eric Johnson’s “Virginia” Strat

By: Dirk Wacker, www.premierguitar.com

Discover the details of Eric Johnson’s iconic ‘Virginia’ Stratocaster and learn how to recreate its unique wiring scheme in your own Stratocaster. Dive into the smallest and oddest details that Johnson cares about when it comes to guitars and tone. Explore the history behind the guitar and the modifications made to it. From the body and neck to the hardware and electronics, get all the information you need to build your own personal copy of this legendary guitar. Read more

Podcast 426: Micah Bruce (Bruce Guitars) Returns

By: Jason Verlinde, www.fretboardjournal.com

In this podcast episode, Micah Bruce of Bruce Guitars discusses his unique guitar, the Jayne model, which he will unveil at the 2023 Fretboard Summit. The instrument is based on the classic Harmony H-49 Stratotone shape but has been completely overhauled. Micah also talks about his other instruments, his thoughts on relic’ing, what makes a great Tele, and his ukulele output. Don’t miss this fascinating conversation with a talented guitar builder. Listen to the podcast episode to learn more. Read more

Fender Stratocaster Vs Jazzmaster: Is One Truly Better?

By: Don East, killerrig.com

Discover the critical contrasts between the Fender Stratocaster and Jazzmaster in this Killer Rig article. These iconic electric guitars represent different philosophies in sound, design, and musical expression. The Stratocaster is known for its bright and versatile sound, while the Jazzmaster offers a warmer, mellower tone. They also differ in body shape, weight, and pickups. Learn about the neck, scale length, and playability of both guitars. Find out which guitar is better for rock music, the types of effects pedals you can use with each, and which one is more suitable for beginners. Read more

Eric Johnson Releases First-Ever Interactive Video Masterclass, ‘Tone, Melody & Truth’ Produced By TrueFire

By: Nathan, blog.truefire.com

Grammy Award-winning guitarist Eric Johnson has released his first-ever interactive video masterclass, ‘Tone, Melody & Truth.’ In this masterclass, Johnson dives deep into his artistic DNA, revealing the core technical and creative processes that fuel his signature sound and virtuosic musicality. TrueFire’s proprietary technologies provide guitarists with a hands-on learning experience, including auto-scrolling tablature and notation, synced to video with looping and slow-motion controls. The masterclass is complemented by Johnson’s edition of TrueFire’s ‘In The Jam’ app, featuring full-length versions of all 10 tracks. Read more

Dominic Fike | Fender Sessions | Fender

By: Fender, www.youtube.com

Join Dominic Fike on a journey from Naples to New York City in the latest Fender Session. He reflects on his upbringing, finds inspiration in nature, and performs two songs live, incorporating field recordings from his hometown. Don’t miss this captivating session with Dominic Fike! Read more

What’s The Big Difference Between The Tone Bender And Fuzz Face Sound? [News]

By: www.ultimate-guitar.com

Discover the big difference between the Tone Bender and Fuzz Face sound in this informative blog post. Learn about the history and circuitry of these iconic fuzz pedals, and listen to a sound comparison between the two. Whether you’re a gearhead or a young player looking to understand classic fuzz tones, this post is a must-read. Read more

Best Baritone Acoustic Guitars Guide

By: Gustavo Pereira, guitarspace.org

Discover the world of baritone acoustic guitars and why you should consider adding one to your collection. This guide explores the unique qualities of baritone guitars, their tuning, and their versatility in different music genres. Learn how to choose the right baritone acoustic guitar for you, considering factors like scale length, tonewood combinations, and body shape. The Ibanez ACFS380BT is recommended as a great option with its comfortable body shape, solid spruce top, and blendable pickups. Explore a compilation of top picks for baritone acoustic guitars, catering to different budgets and preferences. Read more

Christopher Mallett Shines a Light on Pioneering Black American Guitarist and Composer Justin Holland

By: Mark Small, acousticguitar.com

Christopher Mallett sheds light on the life and music of Justin Holland, America’s first classical guitar master and civil rights activist, in his latest album. Mallett, a classical guitar virtuoso of African descent, brings new life to Holland’s music that has been overlooked for over a century. In an interview, Mallett discusses his journey as a guitarist and his passion for Holland’s work. This album is a long-awaited tribute to Holland’s contributions to the classical guitar world. Read more

Guitar Hacks and Culinary Capers: The Silverware Solution for the Guild X-375

By: Guitar Fail, www.guitarfail.com

Discover the unconventional silverware solution for a vintage Guild X-375 guitar. Learn how a missing pickguard mounting bracket was ingeniously replaced with a silver spoon or fork handle, adding a touch of culinary charm to the instrument. Find out if this unique modification affects the sound and explore the nostalgia and resourcefulness of guitarists who refuse to settle for mediocrity. Read more

Gus G Opens Up on What It Was Like to Play for Ozzy Osbourne and How It Affected His Career

By: David Slavkovic, killerguitarrigs.com

Greek guitarist Gus G reflects on his time playing for Ozzy Osbourne’s band and how it affected his career. He describes the guitar player position in Ozzy’s band as the ‘Holy Grail’ of heavy metal and discusses the attention and opportunities that came with it. Despite feeling overwhelmed at times, Gus G enjoyed his time with Ozzy and believes it opened many doors for him. He also provides an update on Ozzy’s current health and expresses hope that he can do a few farewell shows. Read more to discover the impact of playing for Ozzy Osbourne on Gus G’s career. Read more

In a Sentimental Mood

By: Dirk Laukens, www.jazzguitar.be

Learn the melody and solo over the chord changes of Duke Ellington’s famous jazz standard ‘In a Sentimental Mood’ in this lesson. The original recording and recommended versions are listed, including performances by Django Reinhardt, Sonny Rollins, and Emily Remler. Watch the video for an easy jazz guitar melody and solo, and find the guitar tabs and backing track. Readers praise the comprehensive study and tasteful arrangement of the tune. Don’t miss out on this beautiful arrangement that will inspire you to play. Read more

The Surprising History of 5 String Bass

By: Stringjoy, stringjoy.com

Discover the surprising history of the 5 string bass and how it became an essential tool for professional bassists. From its origins in the 1700s to the invention of the modern 5 string bass, this article explores the evolution of this instrument. Find out why 5 string basses are used in various genres and how they expand the harmonic range for musicians. Learn about the different tunings used and the impact of influential musicians like Hans von Bülow. Dive into the history of the 5 string bass and gain a deeper understanding of its significance. Read more

Using the 2 Major Chord in Music

By: Desi Serna, www.guitarmusictheory.com

Discover how major 2 chords are used in music and how they can create different sounds and progressions. Learn about secondary dominant 2 chords, non-secondary dominant 2 chords, and major 2 chord chromatic voice leading. Explore examples from songs like “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles and “American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Understand how major 2 chords can be used to borrow from different scales and create unique compositions. Find inspiration to incorporate major 2 chords into your own playing and compositions. Read more

Vladimir Maisiuk: Guitar Improv Over Groovy Guitar Backing Track

By: Laurie Monk, www.truthinshredding.com

Check out Vladimir Maisiuk’s impressive guitar improvisation over a groovy backing track in G minor. With his technical prowess and melodic sensibility, Maisiuk delivers a captivating performance that showcases his skills as a guitarist. Don’t miss this exciting display of talent and creativity! Read more

What’s My Age Again? Guitar Lesson | blink-182

By: Carl Brown, guitarlessons365.com

Learn how to play ‘What’s My Age Again?’ by blink-182 note-for-note in this guitar lesson. Carl Brown demonstrates multiple ways to pick the challenging arpeggiated picking sequence at the beginning of the song. He goes through all the sections of the song in the order they appear on the original recording, including the intro, bridge, chorus, and verse. This lesson is a great opportunity to practice various techniques such as arpeggiated picking, power chords, and muted power chords. Have fun with this one! Read more

Review: Master Banjoist Steven Wade’s “Hands on the Tune”

By: Guitar International Magazine, guitarinternational.com

Master banjoist Stephen Wade’s album ‘Hands on the Tune’ is a collection of traditional banjo tunes accompanied by stories and historical anecdotes. Wade’s storytelling style and exceptional banjo playing create an intimate and engaging listening experience. The album features a mix of traditional and contemporary tunes, each with their own unique history and charm. From the lively ‘Uncle Jimmy’s Favorites’ to the sweet and wandering ‘Lost Gander’, Wade’s mastery of the banjo shines through. ‘Hands on the Tune’ is a must-listen for fans of old-time banjo music and those interested in the rich traditions of American roots music. Read more


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