What goes through a classical pianist’s mind while playing?

Classical pianists often undergo a multifaceted cognitive and emotional process while playing, involving both analytical and emotive components. The nature of this experience can vary depending on the individual pianist, the piece being performed, and the context in which it is performed (e.g., practice versus live concert). Here are some of the things that may…

Is learning by rote beneficial for pianists?

In the context of piano practice and pedagogy, learning by rote refers to the method where a pianist memorizes a piece through repetition without necessarily understanding the musical theory or structure behind it. The approach contrasts with methods that emphasize understanding the music’s underlying architecture, such as harmonic progression, phrase structure, and rhythmic patterns. Benefits…

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Seymour Bernstein on Piano Technique and Interpreting Beethoven

In this conversation, a student engages with Seymour Bernstein, a renowned pianist and teacher, discussing various technicalities and nuances of piano playing, particularly focusing on Beethoven’s compositions. Throughout the conversation, there’s a clear emphasis on deep interpretation, personal connection to the music, and the melding of technique and artistry.

Ivory Pulse: Piano Blogs Digest – Sep 12, 2023

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Synthetic Ivory vs. Natural Ivory Keys: An Analytical Perspective

Long before the age of synthetic materials, the tusks of elephants—referred to as natural ivory—were the primary resource used for crafting piano keys. The luxurious and opulent aesthetic of ivory, combined with its pleasant tactile feel, made it a preferred choice for both artisans and musicians. By the late 19th and early 20th century, the…

Ivory Pulse: Piano Blogs Digest – Sep 05, 2023

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