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9 Female Composers from 3 Centuries

Wiener Urtext Edition has released a new addition to their Urtext Primo series, titled “9 Female Composers from 3 Centuries.” This collection features 25 pieces by female composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and twentieth-century eras. The pieces are suitable for late intermediate to early advanced players, ranging from UK Grades 5-7. This collection offers authoritative new editions of these pieces, edited and with practice tips by Nils Franke. It is a valuable addition to the repertoire and historical understanding of music composed by women. Read more

225 Years of Rock Piano In 10 Minutes

In this blog post, Lawrence Gowan, solo artist and keyboardist of STYX, discusses the attitude and evolution of rock piano. He traces the roots of rock piano from Beethoven in the 18th century to his own work in the 1980s and today. Gowan highlights milestone piano rock songs, including Beethoven’s “Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13,” Nat Ayer’s “King Chanticleer Rag,” Little Richard’s “Good Golly Miss Dolly,” The Beatles’ “Lady Madonna,” Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” Genesis’ “Firth of Fifth,” and his own song “(You’re A) Strange Animal.” Each song represents a different era and style of rock piano. Gowan emphasizes that rock piano is an attitude and approach to the instrument. Read more

Why the Piano is the Best Musical Instrument for Introverts

In this blog post, the author discusses how the piano is the best musical instrument for introverts. They mention that the piano has a diverse repertoire and can be used in various settings, making it suitable for any personality type. The author also points out that piano players do the majority of their practicing alone, which is ideal for introverts. Additionally, introverts can learn to play the piano without anyone outside of their household knowing, thanks to the option of using an electric piano with headphones. Overall, the author argues that learning the piano, especially with an electric piano, is well-suited for introverts. Read more

7 articles on music and aging

The blog post discusses the idea that there is no age limit to making music. It emphasizes that music is a lifelong companion and that even as we age, we can still create and enjoy music. The post highlights articles that celebrate the gift of music in aging, while also acknowledging the challenges that come with it. It encourages people of all ages to throw self-consciousness away and revel in the joy of creating music. The post also touches on the process of transitioning out of a professional music career and the lack of information available on this topic. It concludes by discussing the role of music in aging and invites readers to share their own experiences with growing older. Read more

Hyperion Records now available on streaming platforms

Hyperion Records, a renowned record label, has made its catalogue of recordings available on streaming platforms for the first time. The first batch of 200 recordings, including award-winning discs, is now available on platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. The decision to make the recordings available on streaming platforms is expected to reach a wider audience and increase the popularity of the label. The pianist, Susan Tomes, who is featured on the recordings, expresses her happiness about the decision. Read more

Man-Ching Yu Donald โ€“ Cosmic love

The blog post discusses a piano composition called “Cosmic Love” by composer Man-Ching Yu Donald. The piece is part of his suite “Streams of Consciousness” and is described as having poignant and sentimental melodies that express love and longing. The post also provides information about the composer, including his accolades and the international recognition his music has received. The post concludes by inviting readers to discover more modern piano music on Moving Classics TV. Read more

340: Remixing the Music Lesson โ€“ Live from NCKP 2023!

In this blog post, the author shares a summary of their presentation titled “Remixing the Music Lesson: How Integrated Music Teaching Can Connect with the TikTok Generation” from the NCKP 2023 Conference. They discuss the limitations of traditional linear teaching methods and the power of creativity in bridging the gap between theory and practice. The author also introduces a three-step integration model that emphasizes analyzing music, making connections within the repertoire and the student’s life, and integrating creative activities to deepen understanding and meaning. The goal is to inspire curiosity and autonomy in students and transform the music learning process into a dynamic and meaningful journey. Read more

Music Scale Degree Names and Free Printable Games

The blog post discusses music scale degree names and provides free printable games to help learn them. It explains that chords can be built on each note or degree of a scale, and each degree has a specific name. The post includes links to the free printable games for further practice. Read more

Far Eastern Adventures

In this blog post, the author shares their recent trip to the Far East to promote their books and deliver educational piano workshops. In Singapore, they developed a two-day piano teacher training program for the Cristofori Music School, focusing on piano technique workshops, teaching selected graded exam repertoire, and sight-reading. They also had the opportunity to play together on several pianos, illustrating the enjoyment of sight-reading. In total, 90 teachers attended the course. Read more

Advice for Young Pianists and their Parents: On Teachers, Elite Training, Competitions and Aspirations

This blog post discusses the challenges faced by young pianists and their parents when it comes to finding the right teacher and navigating the path to becoming a professional musician. The author emphasizes the importance of finding a teacher who matches the student’s level of development and can address specific issues such as technique and tension. They also highlight the need for honesty in conservatoire admissions and the different categories of young musicians who may pursue a career in music. Read more


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