What are some unpopular opinions about synthesizers?

When discussing synthesizers, it’s important to recognize that opinions can vary widely depending on individual preferences, the genre of music, and the specific use-case for the synthesizer. However, some unpopular or controversial opinions include:

  1. Analog Superiority is Overrated: The long-standing debate between analog and digital synthesizers has led some to strongly favor analog for its ‘warmth’. However, some people argue that modern digital synthesizers have come so far in replicating analog sound that the difference is negligible.
  2. Affordable Synths are Just as Good: High-end synthesizers are often seen as the pinnacle of sound design and versatility. However, some argue that budget-friendly synths can produce quality sounds that are more than sufficient for professional use.
  3. Preset Sounds are Useful: The use of preset sounds is often frowned upon in professional settings, with the idea that true artistry involves creating sounds from scratch. Some people, however, find value in presets as a starting point or even for final production, citing time-saving and educational benefits.
  4. Software Synths vs. Hardware: The purist approach advocates for hardware synthesizers, often citing tactile controls and no latency as advantages. However, others argue that software synthesizers are not only more convenient but can also achieve similar, if not better, sound quality.
  5. Monophonic Over Polyphonic: Polyphonic synthesizers are generally seen as more versatile. Yet, some musicians prefer the simplicity and focus that comes from using a monophonic synthesizer, claiming it leads to more thoughtful composition and sound design.
  6. Vintage Isn’t Always Better: The allure of vintage synthesizers can be strong, often due to their use in iconic tracks or for their rarity. However, some argue that new synthesizers offer improved functionality, durability, and are often easier to integrate into a modern setup.
  7. Less is More: With the increasing number of features in modern synthesizers, some people argue for simplicity and limitations as a way to foster creativity. The idea is that constraints can actually serve as a catalyst for innovation in sound design and composition.

These opinions might not be universally accepted and could be contentious in different circles. Nonetheless, they represent viewpoints that question conventional wisdom in the world of synthesizers.

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