Waveform Weekly: Synth Community Blogs Digest – Sep 06, 2023

Welcome to the Waveform Weekly, a digest dedicated to sound synthesis!

This digest aggregates key updates, developments, and discussions from the global synthesizer community. It is intended for anyone interested in synthesizers, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience. The digest includes various types of content such as the latest information on new modules and equipment, in-depth analysis of sound design methods, and conversations with prominent industry figures.

Conductive Labs NDLR v2 Debuting At Knobcon 2023

By: synthhead, www.synthtopia.com

Conductive Labs NDLR v2, an ‘ultra-arpegiator’ designed for playing or performing with multiple synths, is making its official debut at Knobcon 2023. The NDLR translates what you play into up to four parts and can control up to eight synths at once. The new model features a soft power button, a powder-coated red base, and a redesigned microcontroller. It is available for pre-order at $379 USD and will be available at retailers later this month. Read more

140 patches For Your Korg Opsix : SoundsDivine releases Altered States soundset for both hardware and software synths

By: sonicstate.com

SoundsDivine has released Altered States, a soundset featuring 140 patches for the Korg Opsix. The set explores the world of psychedelics and offers futuristic digital soundscapes, trippy comb filter fx, shimmering synth sounds, evolving FM pads, psychedelic effects, euphonic swells, complex rhythmic pads, and more. It is compatible with both hardware and software versions of the Opsix. The soundset is currently available at an introductory price of €25 (ex.vat) until September 19th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your sound palette with these mind-altering patches! Read more

The caverns of hell | Prophet 08 soundscape

By: matrix , www.matrixsynth.com

Discover the captivating soundscape created with the Prophet 08 synthesizer in this video upload by MIDERA. The blogger shares their opinion on the Prophet 08, comparing it to other DSI synths and discussing their experience with the Poly Evolver. They express frustration with the encoders and praise the Prophet 08 for its usability and joy to play. The post also mentions the use of Strymon Volante and Eventide Blackhole VST in the track. Dive into the depths of this soundscape and explore the unique tones of the Prophet 08. Read more

Neutral Labs ELMYRA 2 Mega Drone Synth First Look

By: Jondent, djjondent.blogspot.com

Check out the first look at the Neutral Labs ELMYRA 2 Mega Drone Synth. This DIY kit offers a unique and powerful synthesizer experience for electronic music enthusiasts. Read more

4U Serge Project Completed

By: Richard, pugix.com

Richard Brewster has completed his 4U Serge project, featuring modules in the Loudest Warning panel format. The rack is easily removable and runs on +/-12V. The project includes modules inspired by Serge, such as the Asymmetric Slew Limiter and the VC SLEW. The whole rack is housed in a rack case with a +/-12V power supply. The blog post provides a detailed description of the modules and their order in the rack. Read more

NoInputMixer (iOS/Mac/Audio unit) – Some details

By: motion-soundscape.blogspot.com

Discover the NoInputMixer, an experimental sound synthesizer that creates otherworldly electronic sounds through feedback loops. This iOS/Mac/Audio unit app models an analog mixing console and effects rack, offering a wide range of feedback configurations and additional effects. Learn how the technique works and how to use noise and mixer amplifiers to amplify and loop sounds. With multiple outputs and inputs, and the ability to add effects to the signal chain, the possibilities for sound experimentation are endless. Read more

Podcast: Sonic TALK 769 – Mylar Melodies, Divkid and Jamie Lidell (96:14 mins)

By: www.sonicstate.com

In the latest episode of Sonic TALK, modular specialist Divkid, YouTuber Mylar Melodies, and artist/producer Jamie Lidell join the hosts to discuss topics such as the Huang Transit tape scratcher, new NI DJ hardware, and the UVI Effects Bundle. The episode also features ads for Patreon and iZotope Music Essentials. Tune in to hear the lively conversation and get insights from these industry experts. Read more


That concludes this week’s edition of the Waveform Weekly. We appreciate your time and hope that our curated selection from the synthesizer world has been both informative and inspiring. Until then, keep exploring the wonderful world of sound synthesis.

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