Waveform Weekly: Synth Community Blogs Digest – Oct 11, 2023

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This digest aggregates key updates, developments, and discussions from the global synthesizer community. It is intended for anyone interested in synthesizers, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience. The digest includes various types of content such as the latest information on new modules and equipment, in-depth analysis of sound design methods, and conversations with prominent industry figures.

Music Gear

Eurorack Stereo Granular Processor : Qu-Bit Electronix releases Mojave module

By: sonicstate.com

Qu-Bit Electronix has launched the Mojave module, a live granular processor designed for ease of use and creative versatility in sound manipulation. Drawing inspiration from the American Southwest desert, Mojave enables users to craft sonic landscapes from microscopic bits of audio. Unique features include a stochastic event generator, granular delay, and time-stretching effects accessible from its 14HP-wide front panel. Mojave distinguishes itself by making complex granular manipulations user-friendly. Its front panel houses key controls for grain size, shape, and generation rate, among others. Additional features like Sky Mode for scale quantization, true stereo I/O with drift and whirl controls, and an onboard MEMS microphone offer more possibilities. Priced at $399, Mojave aims to redefine the boundaries of sound exploration.Read more

Cherry Audio PS-3300 Software Synth: the Synth and Software Review

By: Jim Aikin, synthandsoftware.com

The blog post reviews Cherry Audio’s PS-3300, a software recreation of the rare and vintage Korg PS-3300 synthesizer. Priced at $49, it offers a remarkably authentic experience and is compatible with VST2, VST3, AU, or AAX formats. Though it lacks some modern features like oscillator sync, it adds value with velocity sensing and a few vintage effects. The PS-3300 operates as three layered polyphonic synths with unique features like a 3-band resonator and comprehensive MIDI Learn. It offers over 460 presets that evoke classic analog sounds but lacks in modern aggressive bass and percussion tones. While it may not be a go-to for all musicians, its distinct character and budget-friendly price make it a valuable addition to Cherry Audio’s lineup. Read more

Meris MercuryX Modular Reverb System – Studio Reverbs in a pedal

By: Jef, www.gearnews.com

The Meris MercuryX Modular Reverb System is an advanced, California-built reverb pedal tailored for extensive user control. It comes with 8 custom reverb algorithms—Ultraplate, Cathedra, 78 Room, 78 Plate, 78 Hall, Spring, Prism, and Gravity—each powered by an advanced ARM Processor. The premium analogue signal path features a JFET input section and 24-bit AD/DA with 32-bit floating point DSP, ensuring high-quality tone. The system offers stereo input and output, switchable Instrument or Synthesizer/Line levels, and options for True Bypass or Analog Buffered Bypass. Its user interface has a color screen and multiple front-panel controls including two assignable controls and four footswitches. With 99 preset locations and a Deep Modifier Section for routing control signals, the device also supports full-sized MIDI In and Out ports, and a USB-C port for firmware updates. Priced at USD 599, it offers extensive customization options that can be controlled via MIDI or an expression pedal. Read more

Notes on the Mega Gestural Synth Rig with Visual Feedback I’ll Be Using for Autumn Light Show at Lumonics on Friday Oct 6th with iPad + Deluge + Tenori-On + Percussa AudioCubes

By: Mark Mosher, markmoshermusic.com

Discover the details of Mark Mosher’s mega gestural synth rig with visual feedback that he will be using for his Autumn Light Show at Lumonics. Mark Mosher will perform a 30-minute set in five movements featuring a complex synth rig. The rig is primarily centered around an iPad Pro 11″ M1 running 15 synthesizers and 22 audio effects via the AUM app. Additional gear includes a Synthstrom Deluge sequencer, TENORI-ON for live note sequencing, and Percussa Wireless AudioCubes for gestural control and visual feedback. The rig incorporates various interface methods like multi-touch on the iPad and isomorphic grids. It also uses a Focusrite Scarlet 4i4 audio interface for audio and MIDI, and a laptop to run Percussa MIDI Bridge software. The intricate setup promises a multisensory live performance. Read more

Arturia Intros MiniLab 3 Alpine White

By: Elisabeth, www.synthtopia.com

Arturia has unveiled the MiniLab 3 Alpine White Special Edition, a portable control keyboard. This all-white version comes bundled with Analog Lab Intro, Ableton Live Lite, Native Instruments “The Gentleman,” UVI Model D, Loopcloud subscription for 2 months, and 40 Melodics lessons. The hardware features a 25-note velocity-sensitive keybed, 2 banks of 8 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads with RGB backlighting, 8 rotary encoders, 4 sliders, and 2 capacitive touch sensors for pitch and modulation. It also has a mini display for real-time feedback, and built-in smart features like arpeggiator and chord mode. It seamlessly integrates with Arturia software and major DAWs through preset and MCU protocol. Connectivity options include USB-C, MIDI 5-pin DIN, and control inputs for pedals. Preorders are open at $149 USD with shipping starting October 19.Read more

AE modular – techno system 4

By: Jondent , djjondent.blogspot.com

Discover how JonDent is building a compact live techno system using the AE modular. He is also contributing to the upcoming Aetherwaves album by uploading a recording to the AE modular website. If you have an AE modular system, you can also submit your own recordings. The submission deadline is October 23rd. JonDent’s system is missing some modules, so he decided to build them himself, including a DIY low pass gate and a DIY master clock source. Check out the blog post for more details and links to the individual circuits. Read more


Unusual Instruments #02

By: Hannes, www.horizontalpitch.com

Discover unusual and creative electronic instruments in this blog post. From The Human Comparator’s unique instruments to Soma’s take on the Theremin, there are plenty of intriguing options to explore. The post also highlights a fresh instrument that aims to explore complex configurations of feedback and phase modulation. Additionally, learn about the Guthman Musical Instruments Competition, a showcase of new technologies and novel ideas in music. Check out the finalists and be inspired by the captivating mix of digital possibilities and traditional performances. Stay tuned for more weird and experimental instruments in future posts. Read more

Interview With Labrinth

By: Danz, www.synthhistory.com

In an interview with Labrinth, the musician and composer discusses his favorite synths, his love for sci-fi movies, and his musical influences. Labrinth mentions the Pulsar-23, MS-20, Prophet X, and Prophet 6 as his go-to synthesizers in the studio. He also reveals that the MS-20 was the first synth he fell in love with and talks about his eclectic taste in music, ranging from gospel to electronic and rock. Labrinth shares his favorite sci-fi films, including 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien, and how they influenced his latest record. Read more

Modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden 12. October!

By: Timm, www.stromkult.com

Join the Modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden on October 12th to learn about modular synthesis and patching. No registration required, just show up and ask all your questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your first steps into the world of modular synthesis! Read more

Podcast: Sonic TALK 773 – Moog, GAIA2, Machina Bristronica (72:1 mins)

By: www.sonicstate.com

In this episode of Sonic TALK, the hosts discuss Moog, GAIA2, and Machina Bristronica SE. They are joined by Divkid, Molten Music Tech, and magical Synth Adventure. The episode is available for download and streaming on various platforms. Don’t miss out on the latest news and exclusive offers by signing up for Sonicstate’s weekly newsletter. Read more

VGM #209: Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms // Super Mario RPG [Synth Rock Cover]

By: matrix, www.matrixsynth.com

Check out Amie Waters’ synth rock cover of ‘Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms’ from Super Mario RPG. Excitement builds for the remaster of the game. Stream the cover on Twitch and find more of Amie Waters’ music on Bandcamp. Read more


That concludes this week’s edition of the Waveform Weekly. We appreciate your time and hope that our curated selection from the synthesizer world has been both informative and inspiring. Until then, keep exploring the wonderful world of sound synthesis.

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