Waveform Weekly: Synth Community Blogs Digest – Aug 23, 2023

Welcome to the Waveform Weekly, a digest dedicated to sound synthesis!

This digest aggregates key updates, developments, and discussions from the global synthesizer community. It is intended for anyone interested in synthesizers, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience. The digest includes various types of content such as the latest information on new modules and equipment, in-depth analysis of sound design methods, and conversations with prominent industry figures.

Rob Rosen Reveals His Ultimate Synth Collection

By: matrix , www.matrixsynth.com

Join us for a rare opportunity to explore Rob Rosen’s ultimate vintage synth collection. Discover the rarest synthesizers of all time and learn from this master technician about the evolution of synthesizers and what makes them tick. Rob’s shop, Rosen Sound, is a wonderland of vintage synths in perfect working order. He is a self-taught technician and world leader in repair, restoration, custom manufacturing, and sales of vintage synthesizers. Don’t miss this deep dive into the world of synthesizers and the cool sounds they create! Read more

Arturia’s New Acid V – Corrosive Bassline Machine : A 303 with extra drive

By: sonicstate.com

Arturia has announced their new Acid V, a 303 emulation with additional modulation options and extended parameters. It features three multistage function type generators, a three-slot effects engine, and a dedicated distortion stage. The Acid V is currently on offer to new and existing users, along with V Collection 9 deals. Login to your Arturia account to see your deal. Read more

Moogerfooger Hardware Effects Now Available as Apps for iOS

By: Naomi Bolton, www.vintagesynth.com

Moog has released the Moogerfooger Effects for iOS, bringing the legendary tones and musicality of the original hardware effects to a digital music production environment. The app faithfully recreates the original Moogerfooger collection, allowing for powerful control voltage inputs and outputs and the ability to modulate parameters between instances. The bundle includes various effects pedals such as the Lowpass Filter, Ring Modulator, 12-Stage Phaser, Analog Delay, MuRF, Freqbox, Cluster Flux, and Saturator. The apps are compatible with iOS 11.0 or later and can be purchased individually or as a bundle at a discounted price. More information can be found on the official App Store page. Read more

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave v1.5 Adds MPE Support & More

By: synthhead, www.synthtopia.com

Groove Synthesis has released firmware v1.5 for the 3rd Wave synthesizer, adding MPE support and more. The update includes support for MIDI MPE controllers, free running analog oscillators, new poly unison mode, shortcut buttons for output routing, and more. The update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements. Visit the Groove Synthesis site for more details. Read more

Interview With TV Girl

By: Danz, www.synthhistory.com

In a recent interview, Brad Petering and Jason Wyman of indie band TV Girl discuss their inspirations and music-making journey. Brad talks about his early influences, including the Bee Gees and albums like Beck’s Odelay and Sublime’s self-titled album. He also shares how TV Girl started as an experiment to combine hip hop beats with girl group song structures. The band gained popularity quickly, with their first four songs getting featured on Pitchfork. Brad reflects on the transition from being featured on a popular music blog to performing live and the challenges they faced. Read the full interview for more insights. Read more

Orchestral Tools Releases Berlin Harpsichords on SINE, Announces Baroque Bundle

By: Synth and Software Newsroom, synthandsoftware.com

Orchestral Tools has released the Berlin Harpsichords collection on SINE, offering the signature sounds of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. To celebrate the release, they have also introduced the Baroque Bundle, which combines the Berlin Harpsichords with their period instruments collection Miroire. The Baroque Bundle is the ultimate toolkit for baroque and Renaissance styles, as well as contemporary interpretations of the era. The Berlin Harpsichords collection features the rich sounds of two traditional harpsichords, recorded in multiple registers and playing styles. The introductory pricing for the Baroque Bundle and Berlin Harpsichords ends on September 5, 2023. Read more

UAFX Orion Tape Echo, 1176 and more expands pedal range

By: Jef, www.gearnews.com

Universal Audio expands their UAFX pedal range with the new Orion Tape Echo, 1176 Studio Compressor, Heavenly Plate Reverb, and Evermore Studio Reverb. These compact emulations of classic effects offer musicians the opportunity to add vintage tones and effects to their sound. The Orion Tape Echo features a switch for Mint, Worn, and Old tape settings, while the 1176 Studio Compressor offers Single, Dual, and Sustain modes. The Heavenly Plate Reverb provides selectable Vintage Bright, Vintage Dark, and Modern Full plate reverb settings, and the Evermore Studio Reverb offers grainy ambient trails and modulations. Available now from Thomann. Read more


That concludes this week’s edition of the Waveform Weekly. We appreciate your time and hope that our curated selection from the synthesizer world has been both informative and inspiring. Until then, keep exploring the wonderful world of sound synthesis.

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