Waveform Weekly: Synth Community Blogs Digest – Aug 02, 2023

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This digest aggregates key updates, developments, and discussions from the global synthesizer community. It is intended for anyone interested in synthesizers, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience. The digest includes various types of content such as the latest information on new modules and equipment, in-depth analysis of sound design methods, and conversations with prominent industry figures.

Intellijel SVF 1U, compact multimode filtering with boost and soft clipping

By: Synth Anatomy, synthanatomy.com

Intellijel has released the SVF 1U, a compact multi-mode filter module for Eurorack synthesizers. The module features a 2-pole lowpass filter, a 2-pole high pass filter, and a switchable bandpass and notch filter, each with dedicated outputs. It also includes an optional +6dB input boost and an asymmetric clipping circuit. The SVF 1U offers dual modulation inputs, allowing for precise control over the filter’s parameters. It can also be used as a sine oscillator and is capable of generating low distortion sine waves. The Intellijel SVF 1U is priced at $139/159€. Read more

Tap Or Scratch Into Your Eurorack System : Behringer releases RADAR Contact and Pickup Microphone Module

By: sonicstate.com

Behringer has released the RADAR Contact and Pickup Microphone Module, allowing users to tap or scratch the textured surface to create unique and amazing sounds. The pickup microphone captures surrounding acoustic waves, which can be converted into gate or envelope signals and tweaked with the controls. This module can be integrated into any synth setup and offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. Check with your local retailer for pricing and availability. Read more

Frostwave SpaceBEAM waveforms shown on oscilloscope!

By: matrix, www.matrixsynth.com

Check out the Frostwave SpaceBEAM waveforms shown on an oscilloscope in a new video upload by Edward Jones. Find out more about this exciting synthesizer on MATRIXSYNTH. Read more

Tangrams — Dual ADSR/VCA with Cycling Gate Pulsers

By: Wes Koop, intellijel.com

Intellijel has released the Tangrams module, a dual ADSR/VCA with cycling gate pulsers. This versatile module offers precise control over envelope shaping and voltage-controlled amplification. With its cycling gate pulsers, it adds rhythmic complexity to your patches. The Tangrams module is a valuable addition to any modular synthesizer setup, providing a wide range of creative possibilities. Check out Intellijel’s website for more information and to get your hands on this exciting new module. Read more

New Modular DAW Controller Teased by Asparion

By: Naomi Bolton, www.vintagesynth.com

Asparion has announced the D700, a new modular DAW controller designed for maximum productivity and adaptability. The controller features three combinable elements: the D700FT, the D700F, and the D700S. The D700FT is the basis of the controller and includes basic functions and an RGB encoder. The D700F offers eight motorized faders and LED push buttons, while the D700S is an OLED display for track monitoring. The D700 is compatible with accessories and can send MIDI messages to almost any device. The bundle will be available in Q3 2023 for $2799. Read more

E.T. Flying Theme – GOUDZOEKER Synth Cover

By: /u/Lijmbal00, www.reddit.com

Check out this synth cover of the E.T. Flying Theme! The cover features a variety of synthesizers, including the Roland Juno-106 and Sequential OB-6. Listen to the nostalgic 80s sound recreated by Lijmbal00. Don’t miss out on this synth-filled trip down memory lane! Read more

The best budget beat-making gear to help you get creative

By: Stefan Wyeth, www.gearnews.com

Discover the best budget beat-making gear to help you get creative. From free resources like Bandlab and Klevgrand Rassel to affordable instruments like Teenage Engineering PO-12 and Arturia Beatstep, there are plenty of options to choose from. The AKAI MPK mini Play MK3 offers over 100 different instruments and the Korg Volca Sample New Generation allows you to load your own sounds and create patterns. Whether you’re a DAW user or not, these budget-friendly options will inspire your beat-making process. Read more

New Hollywood Fantasy Percussion From EastWest

By: Synth and Software Newsroom, synthandsoftware.com

Discover the new Hollywood Fantasy Percussion from EastWest, a full suite of thunderous, mystical, struck, and shaken instruments designed specifically for scoring epic fantasy soundtracks. This percussion library includes a wide range of instruments such as bodhrans, gran cassas, large taikos, and more. Produced by sound titans Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, Hollywood Fantasy Percussion is available for individual purchase or as part of a bundle or subscription service. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your fantasy film, television, and game soundtracks. Read more

Synths and Apps #5

By: motion-soundscape.blogspot.com

Discover the Quasimidi Sirius synth sound processed with the VintageRack app on iPad, along with the GlitchScaper app for a unique noise background. The Sirius synth is designed for total control in live performances or studio work, with a modern vocoder and built-in effects. VintageRack is a multi-effect app that simulates retro gear from the early digital age, while GlitchScaper is a rhythm machine for creating glitchy patterns and scapes. Check out these apps for a lo-fi vintage vibe and explore the possibilities of experimental music and sound design. Read more

One Decade of DS-10 album on bandcamp

By: michael nervous , allthingskorgds10.blogspot.com

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Korg DS-10 with the release of the compilation album ‘One Decade of DS-10’ on Bandcamp. DS-10.jp, a group of volunteer users of the Nintendo DS software, operates the site and conducts community activities related to the DS-10. The album features contributions from 37 people and showcases the enduring popularity of the DS-10. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to the music that has stood the test of time! Read more

Blinking Lights 14: Homie Noise Drones

By: Hannes, www.horizontalpitch.com

In the latest blog post from Horizontalpitch, Hannes explores the world of ‘Homie Noise Drones’ and shares his thoughts on using speaker cones as microphones. He also provides links to generative visuals for your browser and ML/AI related articles. Additionally, Hannes recommends some albums by lesser-known artists, including dark drones, lo-fi beats, and modular experiments. Lastly, he promotes two albums designed by Papernoise, one in the prog genre and the other in dance electronics. Check out the blog post for more details and recommendations! Read more

Wordless Wednesday: Michigan

By: catsynth, catsynth.com

In this blog post, CatSynth explores the industrial architecture of the Central Waterfront area in San Francisco. The post features stunning photographs of the area, including Pier 70 and the Dogpatch neighborhood. The images capture the unique blend of industrial and modern elements in the architecture, showcasing the beauty of this lesser-known part of the city. If you’re interested in urban photography and architectural design, this blog post is a must-read. Read more


That concludes this week’s edition of the Waveform Weekly. We appreciate your time and hope that our curated selection from the synthesizer world has been both informative and inspiring. Until then, keep exploring the wonderful world of sound synthesis.

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