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Artist Insights and Releases

Superstar Joe Bonamassa Returns To His Roots With New Studio Album Blues Deluxe, Vol. 2!

By: Guitar International Magazine, guitarinternational.com

Blues-rock icon Joe Bonamassa is set to release “Blues Deluxe Vol. 2” on October 6th via J&R Adventures, marking 20 years since the original “Blues Deluxe” album. This new installment features two new originals, eight covers of blues legends, and highlights Bonamassa’s musical journey over the past two decades. Reflecting on the origins of “Blues Deluxe,” Bonamassa recalls it as a defining point in his career, shaped with the support of his manager, Roy Weisman. Producer Josh Smith aimed to capture the authentic, relaxed side of Bonamassa, and the lead single, “Twenty-Four Hour Blues,” offers a glimpse into the album’s prowess. Alongside this, Bonamassa’s remastered version of his best-selling independent album “Blues Deluxe” is also slated for release. Celebrated for his contributions to the blues genre, Bonamassa’s legacy includes over 40 albums, multiple accolades, and a dedication to keeping the blues alive through philanthropy. Read more

Andy Bell didn’t own a bass before being asked to audition for Oasis

By: Rachel Roberts, guitar.com

Former Oasis bassist Andy Bell reveals that he didn’t own a bass guitar before auditioning for the band. In a recent interview, Bell shared that he had to learn the songs on the spot and adapt his playing style to match the sound of Oasis. Despite his initial lack of experience, Bell went on to spend hours learning the band’s catalogue and became an integral part of Oasis until their split in 2009. This behind-the-scenes insight into Bell’s audition process offers a fascinating glimpse into the band’s history. Read more

Podcast 428: Jorma Kaukonen

By: Jason Verlinde, www.fretboardjournal.com

In this episode of the Fretboard Journal podcast, Jorma Kaukonen of Hot Tuna and Jefferson Airplane discusses his love for Flammang acoustic guitars, his experiences with Janis Joplin, his decision to take a break from electric gigs, the status of Fur Peace Ranch, and more. Recorded live at the Fretboard Summit, this interview offers insights into Kaukonen’s career and his thoughts on songwriting. Read more

Jake Andrews’ video encore: “Eyes On The Prize”

By: Vintage Guitar, www.vintageguitar.com

Jake Andrews returns with a video performance of his track ‘Eyes On The Prize’ from his instrumental album ‘Train Back Home.’ Playing his ’61 Fender Esquire through a ’59 Princeton, Andrews showcases his talent and the versatility of his gear. Vintage Guitar magazine reviews his album in their August issue. Read more

Dr.Viossy: J.S. Bach Prelude 1 in C major – Reimagined

By: Laurie Monk, www.truthinshredding.com

Discover Dr.Viossy’s reimagined version of J.S. Bach’s Prelude 1 in C major. Read more

Unique Stories and Anecdotes

Lights, Slices, and Guitars : The Tragic Tale of a Slashed Tokai Les Paul

By: Guitar Fail, www.guitarfail.com

Discover the tragic tale of a 80s Tokai Les Paul that went from shredding riffs to getting shredded itself. This guitar, now in 13 sad, uneven pieces, was transformed into a wall light, illuminating the living room with the remnants of a mutilated instrument. Whether it was a creative way to repurpose a guitar or an elaborate art project, this story will make you laugh, cry, and ponder the mysteries of the universe. Read more

“All of the Eric Johnson signature sounds are inside this preamp and power amp”: Vertex Effects played Eric Johnson’s $400,000 Dumble rig – here’s what it sounds like

By: Jackson Maxwell, www.guitarworld.com

Vertex Effects recently showcased Eric Johnson’s custom-made Dumble Manzamp Preamp and Odyssey Concert Amplifier Poweramp, a combination labeled as some of the “weirdest and most unobtainable” models in the Dumble line. The set, valued at $400,000, is considered the “rarest of rare”. On their YouTube channel, Vertex’s Mason Marangella and guitarist Gabriel Bergman demonstrated the phenomenal tonal range of these amps using iconic Johnson tunes, including “Cliffs of Dover.” While many Dumbles aren’t known for pairing well with pedals, Bergman showcased Johnson-approved effects, all of which sounded exceptional with the Dumble combo. Marangella emphasized that all of Eric Johnson’s hallmark sounds are encapsulated in this preamp and power amp combination. The $400k package also offers two Dumble speaker cabinets loaded with unique drivers. Read more

How Reuben Cox of L.A.’s Old Style Guitar Shop Came to Build and Tweak Guitars for Stars and Hobbyists Alike

By: Emile Menasché, acousticguitar.com

Reuben Cox, owner of L.A.’s Old Style Guitar Shop, has an unconventional journey into the world of luthiery. From North Carolina to teaching art in New York City, he didn’t envision opening a guitar shop, especially during the economic crisis. But his passion for the instrument led him to craft guitars, with an initial template made from an enlarged book picture at Kinko’s. Known for his innovative craftsmanship, such as his rubber bridge modification, Cox has built a reputation both with stars like Taylor Swift and everyday enthusiasts. His story, highlighted in the 2022 documentary “Really Good Rejects”, underscores the importance of passion, dedication, and a little bit of serendipity. Read more

This is How Long the Average Guitarist Practices Every Day

By: Andy Fraser, www.guitarinsideout.com

Andy Fraser has investigated the average duration guitarists practice daily. Sourcing data from guitar subreddits and forums, he analyzed 207 replies and concluded that the typical guitar practice session lasts about 1 hour. However, this average is skewed by a few sessions extending up to 6 hours. Many respondents reported a practice range, with the most common range being 1-2 hours. The analysis also indicated that guitar enthusiasts on these platforms might practice more than the average guitarist due to their deep interest. Recommendations for effective practice include setting a structured routine, with an emphasis on practicing fundamentals and ending sessions with enjoyable pieces. For those finding it hard to maintain consistency, starting with shorter sessions and gradually increasing the duration is advised. Read more


A Complete Guide to the Major Scale For Guitarists

By: Gustavo Pereira, killerguitarrigs.com

This guide on the major scale for guitarists emphasizes the significance of the major scale in music theory and composition, with the C Major scale often serving as the default example due to its lack of accidentals (sharps or flats). The major scale is a sequence of seven notes, and understanding its structure and intervals is fundamental for any budding musician. This is especially crucial for guitarists, as grasping the major scale’s “formula” of whole and half steps can be visually represented on a guitar’s fretboard. The guide further explores the CAGED system, which divides the fretboard into patterns based on the open chord shapes of C, A, G, E, and D. Understanding and mastering these patterns equips guitarists with the flexibility to move across the fretboard in any key seamlessly. Read more

3 Cool Moves Turned Into A Lick

By: Griff, bluesguitarunleashed.com

Licks can often be overly complicated, overshadowing recurring small moves in many guitar phrases. This guide will demonstrate how to master three common moves, increase their speed for shuffle tempo songs like “Sweet Home Chicago” or “Pride & Joy”, and combine them for versatile usage in solos, ranging from extended to brief expressions. Read more

All Star Guitar Lesson – Smash Mouth

By: Carl Brown, guitarlessons365.com

Learn how to play the massive hit ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth note-for-note in this guitar lesson. The tuning is Eb standard tuning, and each section of the song is covered in the order it appears on the original recording. Have fun with this one! Read more

Gear Reviews and Announcements

BEHIND THE SCENES: Kevin Shields and J Mascis Explore the Shields Blender Pedal | Fender

By: Fender, www.youtube.com

Discover the secrets behind the Shields Blender Pedal as Kevin Shields and J Mascis take you behind the scenes. This video explores the unique features and functionality of the pedal, giving guitar enthusiasts an inside look at its creation. Read more

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Introduces New Guitar Rig 7

By: Greg Kennelty, geargods.net

Native Instruments has released their new Guitar Rig 7 Pro software, packed with a myriad of tonal options. The software boasts over 100 new rack presets, amp simulators for both guitars and bass, and a variety of studio effects and pedals. Highlights include four new Intelligent Circuit Modeling (ICM) amps such as the Super Fast 100 and Reverb Delight. Additionally, users can experiment with new effects like the Tape Wobble, Noise Machine, Vintage Vibrato, and Kolor, which replicates popular hardware distortion circuits. The software also introduces a Boss HM-2 inspired distortion called the Chainsaw and features an improved sidebar interface for optimizing rig layout. Read more

Maxon CS-550 Stereo Chorus

By: Pedal of the Day, www.pedal-of-the-day.com

The Maxon CS-550 Stereo Chorus, inspired by a 1970s classic, boasts a distinctive chorus effect that is bold and resonant, yet avoids sounding harsh. Leveraging the Panasonic MN3207 Bucket Brigade IC, its sound offers a unique edgy, grainy quality distinct from the typical 80’s chorus, ensuring clarity and avoiding muddiness. The CS-550 is versatile, simulating authentic rotary speakers and offering a lush vibrato. It can also venture into Flanger territory, and its rear-mounted Blend control lets users adjust chorus levels. A standout feature allows the creation of spatial effects without the usual chorus wobble. Furthermore, with certain settings, it emulates the effect of a double-tracked guitar. Offering stereo outputs and delivering a sound closely resembling the iconic Boss CE-1 chorus/vibrato, the CS-550 surpasses even that legendary pedal in terms of versatility. It’s highly recommended for enthusiasts seeking an exceptional chorus pedal. Read more

UAFX Galaxy ’74 Tape Echo and Reverb Review

By: Charles Saufley, www.premierguitar.com

The UAFX Galaxy ’74, priced at $349, is a reverb and tape echo pedal inspired by the iconic Roland RE-201 Space Echo. Renowned for its immersive, dreamy sounds, the Galaxy ’74 captures the tactile interaction of the Space Echo, boasting deep, rich tones that evoke its analog tape echo origins. The pedal’s design offers intuitive controls, with knobs that provide precise adjustments, simulating the distinct features of the RE-201. While it can produce a range of effects from subtle echoes to intense space-bending sounds, its authentic replication of the Space Echo’s unique quirks sets it apart. The Galaxy ’74 offers a harmonious blend of vintage inspiration and modern innovation, providing users with an unparalleled sonic experience. Read more

STOP buying EXPENSIVE tools … Amazon Luthier Tools to fix any guitar!

By: The Tone King

In this video, The Tone King shares a list of affordable luthier tools available on Amazon. He provides links to radius sanding blocks, self-stick sandpaper, fret scrapers, fret wire, and more. The Tone King also promotes his favorite gear, including V-Picks and Runway Audio cables. He encourages viewers to support his channel by purchasing merchandise or becoming a patron. The video description contains affiliate links, and The Tone King thanks viewers for their trust and support. Read more


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