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Guitar Learning

Is Learning Guitar Hard? Yes! But Don’t Be Put Off

By: Andy Fraser, www.guitarinsideout.com

Learning guitar is hard, but not impossible. It requires consistent practice and dedication. Many people give up quickly, but with the right effort and time, progress can be made. There are several reasons why learning guitar is difficult, including pain, hand and finger dexterity, note layout, muscle memory, and changing chords. However, there are also reasons why it’s easier than other instruments, such as the ability to play songs quickly, portability, versatility, and affordability. To make the learning process easier, it’s recommended to get your guitar set up, learn open chords first, follow a course, have regular practice sessions, learn proper technique, use a metronome, and record yourself. Overall, learning guitar requires patience and perseverance, but the rewards are worth it. Read more

Study With Adam Guitar Legend – Frank Stroobandt

By: Adam Rafferty, www.adamrafferty.com

Meet Frank Stroobandt, a guitar legend from Brussels who embodies commitment, passion, and love for music. Joining the Study With Adam community in 2015, Frank found groove-centric lessons and intricately designed guitar arrangements that helped shape his unique style. Currently working on recording an original track and expanding his repertoire, Frank’s go-to instrument is the Larrivee L5. Influenced by jazz, rock, fingerstyle, and timeless tunes, Frank’s eclectic taste in music is evident. Brussels’ vibrant art scene provides inspiration for his heartfelt performances, reminding us of the power of passion and the magic of real music. Read more

Falling to Pieces Guitar Lesson – Faith No More

By: Carl Brown, guitarlessons365.com

Learn how to play the song ‘Falling to Pieces’ by Faith No More note-for-note in this guitar lesson. The lesson covers the main riff and every section of the song in the order they appear on the original recording. The unique and musical riffs written by Jim Martin make this song a classic. Enjoy playing this Faith No More hit! Donate to GuitarLessons365 to support more daily lessons. Read more

Guitar Practice

Finding Your Rhythm: The Best Time of Day to Practice Guitar

By: TrueFire, blog.truefire.com

Discover the best time of day to practice guitar and optimize your learning. Morning practice sessions offer a fresh mind and improved memory, while afternoons provide better body warmth and acoustics. Evenings offer a relaxed atmosphere and a creative flow, while late-night sessions provide quiet hours and personal time. Ultimately, finding your rhythm depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Experiment and find the time that allows you to be inspired in your guitar playing journey. Remember, it’s not about the time on the clock, but the time spent practicing and honing your skills. Read more

Unique Guitars

Dumpstercaster: A Guitar Only a Punk Could Love

By: Guitar Fail, www.guitarfail.com

Introducing the Dumpstercaster Deluxe, a guitar that defies convention and embraces punk rock attitude. With a Stratocaster body and an Epiphone Les Paul neck, this instrument is a mishmash of parts that creates a unique sound. The pickup configuration combines a humbucker and a single coil, giving it versatility. The lack of a pickguard exposes the routing, adding to its unconventional charm. The jazzmaster bridge and simplified control layout further contribute to its punk aesthetic. The Dumpstercaster Deluxe is a testament to the DIY spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, breaking rules and making noise. Read more

Guitar Techniques

Open Q&A Part 3 – Technique and Articulation

By: Bradford Werner, www.thisisclassicalguitar.com

In this blog post, classical guitarist Bradford Werner answers questions about technique and articulation. The video covers topics such as sitting position routine, rest stroke vs free stroke speed, speeding up tremolo and arpeggios, right hand balance, rests and muting, and right hand pinky use. This is the third part of a Q&A series, with the first video focusing on general questions and the second video on practicing and improvement. Watch the video on YouTube for more insights and tips on classical guitar technique. Read more

Fender Guitars

Highway Series: On the Road | Fender

By: Fender, www.youtube.com

Join Mt. Joy on the road with their Highway Series Acoustics as they play a show in New York and share their thoughts on what makes the guitars so special. Learn more: https://www.fender.com/en-US/acoustic… Read more

Guitar Mods

35 Guitar Mods You NEED To Try!

By: Neal, leftyfretz.com

Discover 35 awesome guitar mods that can customize and improve your guitar. From adding a kill switch to changing pickups, rewiring pickups, removing pickup covers, upgrading the nut, and more, these mods can enhance your guitar’s tone, playability, and appearance. Whether you’re looking for subtle tweaks or radical overhauls, this in-depth list provides inspiration for unlocking your instrument’s true potential. Check out the blog post for step-by-step guides and resources to help you carry out these mods at home. Personalize your guitar and take your playing to the next level! Read more

Music Theory

Music Theory Live Class I: Chords In Keys

By: www.justinguitar.com

Learn practical music theory with JustinGuitar’s live class on chords in keys. Gain a deeper understanding of how chords work within different keys and improve your playing. Purchase access to this course to continue your musical education. Read more

Guitar Tech

Why are James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett Using Axe-Fx and Not Other Amp Modelers? Metallica’s Guitar Tech Explains

By: David Slavkovic, killerguitarrigs.com

Metallica’s guitar tech explains why James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett use Fractal Audio’s Axe-Fx digital amp modelers instead of other options. The decision was based on the ability to have two amps running simultaneously, time aligning between the two amplifier models, and the number of inputs and outputs available. Initially, the Axe-Fx was difficult to navigate, but with the help of Fractal Audio’s Matt Picone, they were able to set it up properly. Despite acknowledging that other brands have great products, Metallica stuck with the Axe-Fx because it was the only one capable of meeting their specific needs. Read more

Home Recording

A Guide to Getting Started with Home Recording

By: Doug Young, acousticguitar.com

Learn how to get started with home recording on a modest budget. This guide explores the essential components of a recording setup, including microphones, preamps/interfaces, recorders, and speakers/headphones. It also suggests leveraging smartphones and tablets with recording apps, upgrading to external microphones and preamps/interfaces, and using laptops or desktop computers with audio interfaces and microphones. The article emphasizes the importance of starting simple and growing as you learn, avoiding the trap of buying low-quality gear, and seeking advice from experienced individuals through online forums and resources like Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Read more

Guitar Covers

James Davies: Allan Holdsworth- on A Frozen Lake (solo Cover)

By: Laurie Monk, www.truthinshredding.com

Check out James Davies’ solo cover of Allan Holdsworth’s ‘On A Frozen Lake’. Davies showcases his impressive shredding skills and pays tribute to the legendary guitarist. Don’t miss this incredible display of technical prowess and musicality. Read more

Vintage Amps

The Truth About Vintage Amps, Ep. 123

By: FJ Staff, www.fretboardjournal.com

In this episode of The Truth About Vintage Amps podcast, Larry Chung joins Skip and Jason to discuss early tube amp restoration and more. They also answer listener questions about PAs, field coil speakers, and guitar amp finds. With over a million downloads, the podcast is celebrating with a giveaway. Tune in to learn about vintage amps and get a chance to win a Voltic Electronic Devices DTF fuzz pedal. Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Larry Chung and the hosts of The Truth About Vintage Amps. Read more

Guitar Apps

Top 9 Guitar Tab Apps for iOS and Android (2023)

By: jpaliotto, www.theguitarjournal.com

Discover the top 9 guitar tab apps for iOS and Android that will make your guitar playing better. From Ultimate Guitar Tabs to Guitar Pro, these apps offer features like scrolling playback, tempo control, and real-time tablature. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these apps will make learning new songs easier and more enjoyable. Find out which app is the #1 choice in Apple’s app store and Google Play, and explore the extensive libraries of tabs available. Improve your guitar skills with these innovative and user-friendly apps. Read more


And that wraps up another edition of Tuned In. We hope these articles have provided valuable insights, sparked your curiosity, and even inspired you to pick up your guitar and strum a new tune.

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