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The Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time!

By: David Sandy, sandymusiclab.com

From the fingers of legendary maestros to the iconic notes that have become synonymous with raw emotion, this blog post delves into the essence of these masterpieces that continue to resonate across time. Read more

“When people underestimate what he does – they want to try doing it”: Eric Clapton praises Robbie Robertson

By: Rachel Roberts, guitar.com

Eric Clapton praises Robbie Robertson in a rare interview, highlighting his work as guitarist and songwriter in The Band. Clapton admires Robertson’s ability to create an expressive feel without making mistakes. He also reveals that he would have joined The Band if given the opportunity, as he was drawn to their anonymity and desired to be in the rhythm section. Clapton also discusses his attempted donation to Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s campaign, which exceeded the limit. Watch the full interview for more insights. Read more

The 3 Best Delay Pedals per Type, in 2023

By: Paolo De Gregorio, delicious-audio.com

This blog post provides in-depth advice on choosing the best delay pedal for your needs. It categorizes delays into different types and highlights the top three units in each category. The post includes links to video reviews and more comprehensive articles for each category. It also discusses the history and popularity of delay pedals, as well as the variety of options available. Whether you’re looking for a classic 3-knob delay or a creative lo-fi delay, this guide will help you find the perfect pedal. Read more

Open D Tuning: The Ultimate Guide

By: Stringjoy, stringjoy.com

Discover the ultimate guide to playing in open D tuning. Open D tuning is a popular choice for guitarists looking to explore new sounds and break out of their comfort zone. This guide covers everything you need to know about open D tuning, from how to tune your guitar to playing chords, scales, and popular songs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitarist, this guide will help you master open D tuning and have fun experimenting with this versatile tuning. Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your playing to new heights! Read more

Headless Monkey Grip Guitar : The Curious Case of the Stratocaster’s Funky Cousin

By: Guitar Fail, www.guitarfail.com

In this edition of the ‘Let’s Laugh at Guitars’ show, a headless guitar with a handle straight out of the Steve Vai Monkey Grip playbook is featured. The design is a mix-and-match of a Stratocaster and something unknown, leaving us scratching our heads. The headless neck and the handle seem unnecessary and bizarre, like turning a guitar into a briefcase. Despite its audacity, this Chinese-made guitar pushes the boundaries of design and adds a comedic element to the world of music. Embrace the weirdness and keep on strumming! Read more

Boss Katana 50 Review

By: Gustavo Pereira, guitarspace.org

In this blog post, the author reviews the BOSS Katana 50 amplifier and highlights its versatility and affordability. The amp offers 5 different amp types, including Clean and Crunch, which the author particularly enjoys using. They also mention the abundance of built-in effects, making it a great option for beginners to explore different sounds. Read more

Harley Benton DC-Junior FAT Review – A Budget Rock Machine!

By: Neal, leftyfretz.com

Is the Harley Benton DC-Junior FAT the ultimate no-frills, budget electric guitar? This review article explores the features and performance of this affordable left-handed instrument. The DC-Junior FAT is modeled after the iconic Gibson Les Paul Junior Double Cut, making it a great alternative for those on a budget. It features a solid mahogany body and neck, a 22-fret ebony fingerboard, a single Roswell P90 stacked pickup, and the ability to switch between single coil and humbucker tones. With its retro charm and modern tech, this guitar offers the best of both worlds. Read more

10 diehard rock and blues guitarists who boarded the pop train

By: www.guitarworld.com

Discover 10 rock and blues guitarists who ventured into the world of pop music, including Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jeff Beck. From Michael Jackson’s collaborations with Van Halen and Slash to David Bowie’s partnership with Stevie Ray Vaughan, these guitarists brought their unique styles to the pop genre. Find out how their contributions shaped iconic songs and propelled pop music to new heights. Read more

Robert Plant’s Brief Encounter With Avant Guitar

By: guitar moderne, www.guitarmoderne.com

Robert Plant’s solo work has always been adventurous and diverse, and his brief encounter with avant-garde guitar in the late 1990s was no exception. After his time with Led Zeppelin, Plant formed a band called Priory of Brian, featuring guitarist Kevyn Gammond. The group’s repertoire consisted of tunes from Plant’s early days with Band of Joy, but with Gammond’s evolved style that incorporated dissonant elements and experimental sounds. Unfortunately, Plant quickly moved on to other musical endeavors, but it would have been interesting to see how far he could have pushed the boundaries with Gammond’s aid. Read more

Les Paul Foundation – From Cylinders to Sound Mixes: Sound & Preservation Demos at Library of Congress

By: Guitar International Magazine, guitarinternational.com

The Les Paul Foundation recently presented a demonstration on the ‘Early Days of Multi-Tracking’ at the Library of Congress. Grammy-winning record producer Steve Rosenthal discussed Les Paul’s collection of recordings, while curator Perry Margouleff showcased guitars integral to his recording process. Read more

Craig “Goonzi” Gowans: BLEED FROM WITHIN – The Will To Resist

By: Laurie Monk, www.truthinshredding.com

Check out Goonzi’s guitar playthrough of ‘The Will To Resist’, the new single from BLEED FROM WITHIN’s upcoming album. Read more

Do Pentatonic Scales Have Modes?

By: Griff, bluesguitarunleashed.com

Are pentatonic scales modes? This blog post discusses the misconception that pentatonic scales are modes and explains the difference. It highlights the requirement for modes to be diatonic, not pentatonic. Read more

Adding Hendrix-Style Techniques to Your Slow Blues Solos

By: JohnWT, www.learningguitarnow.com

Learn how to add Hendrix-style techniques to your slow blues solos in this lesson. The blog post offers the first three licks from a solo in the Play Like Hendrix Course, along with the gear used. Read more

What is the difference between classical guitar and fingerstyle guitar?

By: jpaliotto, www.theguitarjournal.com

Discover the differences between classical guitar and fingerstyle guitar in this blog post. Classical guitar focuses on formal training, precise fingerpicking, and interpreting composed works, while fingerstyle guitar embraces a wider range of genres, encourages creativity, and offers more flexibility for individual expression. Both styles offer unique and rewarding ways to explore the expressive potential of the guitar. Read more

Considering Learning Guitar? Here’s What You Need to Know First

By: Andy Fraser, www.guitarinsideout.com

Are you considering learning guitar? This blog post answers all your questions and provides important information to help you make a decision. It covers topics such as the benefits and downsides of learning guitar, the level of commitment required, the costs involved, and more. Discover why learning guitar can be fun, a stress reliever, and a confidence booster. Read more

Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson Shares Honest Opinion on Roger Waters Reworking ’Dark Side of the Moon,’ Explains What Makes a Good Songwriter

By: David Slavkovic, killerguitarrigs.com

Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson shares his opinion on Roger Waters re-recording ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ and discusses what makes a good songwriter. Anderson believes Waters is doing it artistically to bring something new to the iconic album, but acknowledges the financial aspect as well. He also talks about the importance of metaphors in songwriting and using the English language to be entertaining and clever. Anderson compares Stephen King’s writing style, noting that behind the popular fiction, there are often morality tales. Read more to delve into Anderson’s insights on music and songwriting. Read more

The Milk Carton Kids Deepen Their Sound and Songwriting on “I Only See the Moon”

By: Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, acousticguitar.com

The Milk Carton Kids discuss their new album ‘I Only See the Moon’ and how they deepened their sound and songwriting. For the first time, Kenneth Pattengale served as the producer, and they had their own studio to work in. They expanded their instrumental palette and brought in a string orchestra on the title track. Living in the same city allowed them to spend a year making the record and find the identity of the album. They are proud of the authorial voice they achieved and the truthful songs they created. Read more


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