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Today’s music world is not just about producing great tracks, but also about the art of spotting opportunities, inventing new methods, and understanding market trends. Entrepreneurs, whether they are successful musicians themselves or savvy business individuals behind the scenes, play a crucial role in driving the music industry forward. In this week’s edition, we’re going to explore a range of stories that highlight practical strategies and real-life experiences from those who have successfully navigated the entrepreneurial path in music.

Decoding Perceptions of the Past With Spotify: What Makes a Song a Timeless Classic?

By: Chris Dalla Riva,

Discover what factors contribute to a song’s lasting impact and become a timeless classic. Spotify’s All Out playlists provide insights into the largest and most important works of each decade. Surprisingly, nearly 70% of the songs featured on these playlists cracked the Billboard Hot 100, indicating that popularity upon release is crucial for long-term success. Additionally, songs that reached No. 1 on the Hot 100 are still being curated on the All Out playlists. Find out more about the factors that shape a song’s legacy and why The Velvet Underground is considered an outlier in this analysis. Read more

Digital Marketing in the Music Industry: A Guide for Artists and Bands


In a saturated music market, digital marketing has become essential for artists and bands to stand out. This blog post explores how digital marketing is shaping music promotion, including live streaming, fan engagement, content distribution, and social media advertising. It emphasizes the importance of building a strong online presence, engaging with fans, and leveraging platforms like TikTok. The post highlights the transformative impact of digital marketing on the music industry, allowing artists to go viral and democratizing access to the spotlight. It concludes by encouraging artists to embrace digital marketing and let their music resonate in the digital world. Read more

6 Marketing Hacks for Musicians

By: ReverbNation,

This blog post offers six marketing hacks for musicians to attract more fans and gigs with less effort. It emphasizes the importance of finding strategies that align with the musician’s personality and beliefs. The hacks include creating a mini documentary, teasing new artwork or songs, hosting a listening event in a unique venue, doing something extreme (but safe), asking fans to appear in music videos, and exploring press opportunities. The post encourages musicians to have fun with their marketing efforts and experiment to find what works best for them. Read more

How do Spotify and streaming royalty payments work now?

By: Bruce Houghton,

Deezer’s launch of ‘double-boost’ payments to select UMG artists has sparked controversy over the shift to ‘artist-centric’ streaming payments. This blog post provides an informative explanation of how Spotify royalties currently work, allowing readers to compare how upcoming changes will affect them. The post aims to improve understanding of how streaming payments are distributed to artists, songwriters, and producers. Find out more about the potential impact of ‘artist-centric’ streaming royalties in the music industry. Read more

A New Way to Share the Songs You’ve Written on Spotify


Spotify for Artists has launched Songwriter Promo Cards, a new tool for songwriters to promote their music and connect with potential collaborators and fans. The customizable graphics can be shared on social media and highlight the songs the songwriter has written. The tool is accessible without a login and offers options to select the content to promote, customize the display, and share the cards directly or download them. Spotify has seen increased visibility for songwriters since the introduction of Songwriter Pages in 2020, with clickable credits and Written By playlists showcasing their work. Read more

What is Spotify Showcase? – How to use Spotify’s new promotional tool

By: Tom Newman,

Spotify has launched Showcase, a new marketing campaign tool that allows artists to promote their music at the top of the Home feed on the Spotify mobile app. Showcase appears as a banner and includes a headline, artwork, and buttons to add the release to a library or play it. According to Spotify, people who see a Showcase are six times more likely to stream a release. The minimum budget for Showcase campaigns is $100, and prices are calculated on a cost-per-click basis. To be eligible for Showcase, artists must have at least 1,000 streams in the past 28 days. Read more

If UMG Gets Its Way, Smaller Indie Artists Won’t Get Paid As Much From Streaming

By: Ari Herstand,

UMG and Deezer have announced a new payment model for the recorded music industry that aims to better reflect the value of artist-fan relationships. However, there are concerns about the definition of a ‘professional artist’ and the potential impact on smaller indie artists. Major labels are accused of caring more about profits and shareholders than artists. Independent artists and labels have been gaining market share, causing major labels to rig the game in their favor. While paying more for songs that users actively search for makes sense, the definition of a ‘professional artist’ is problematic. Read more

Gangs Allegedly Money Laundering Via Fake Streams On Spotify

By: Bobby Owsinski,

Organized crime gangs are allegedly using fake streams on Spotify to launder money, according to a report from Swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet. The gangs convert their profits from various crimes into cryptocurrency, which they then use to buy fake streams for artists they are connected to. They collect the royalties from these fake streams, effectively cleaning their funds. Law enforcement agencies around the world are now investigating this activity, and Spotify is ramping up measures to detect fake streams. This raises questions about whether new regulations will be imposed on the streaming industry. Read more

SoundExchange Distributes $269M In Digital Royalties To Creators In Q2 2023

By: Bené Viera,

SoundExchange, the organization designated by the U.S. government to administer the Section 114 sound recording license, distributed $269M in digital royalties to creators in Q2 2023, an increase of 17% compared to the same period in 2022. Since 2003, SoundExchange has distributed over $10B directly to more than 650,000 music creators globally. With monthly distributions, mobile payment options, and advocacy for the creator community, SoundExchange aims to make the business of music easier, more transparent, and fairer for creators. Read more

Songtradr Is Now No. 1 Shareholder In Jaxsta

By: Lars Brandle,

Songtradr has increased its shareholding in Jaxsta, becoming the largest shareholder in the official music credits database. The move comes after Jaxsta announced a round of promotions and completed its new C-Suite. Songtradr now holds 14.04% of Jaxsta’s ordinary shares, reflecting its confidence in the company’s future. Jaxsta has transformed its product offering over the past year, acquiring Vampr and reducing costs. The database currently contains over 355 million official music credits from 366 data partners. Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire stated that the company intends to be a long-term shareholder and looks forward to building on their working relationship. Read more

Best Bands to Form and Break Up Since the Last Stones Album

By: Eli Jace,

The Rolling Stones announced their new album, Hackney Diamonds, after 18 years. They have maintained a 60-plus year career in popular music. The blog post lists some of the best bands that formed and broke up since the Stones’ last album in 2005, including Crystal Castles, White Lung, and Amazing Snakeheads. Read more

BraveWords Records Announces the Signing of Lillian Axe

By: Rai Beardsley,

BraveWords Records has announced the signing of Lillian Axe, a million-selling hard rock band. Lillian Axe will release their first title for BraveWords Records in 2024. The band is currently working on their next studio album and will continue to promote their latest album, ‘From Womb To Tomb.’ BraveWords Records is a new label that aims to fill a void in the music industry by providing a partnership and a mutual vision for hard-working and creative bands. The label offers global distribution, publicity, media coverage, social media marketing, and streaming opportunities. Read more

Rosanne Cash To Release 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Of ‘The Wheel’

By: Lorie Hollabaugh,

Rosanne Cash is releasing a 30th anniversary deluxe edition of her album ‘The Wheel’ on November 17. The deluxe edition includes the original, remastered album, a second live LP featuring Cash’s 1993 Austin City Limits appearance, and a rare broadcast of the Columbia Records Radio Hour. This is the first-ever vinyl release for ‘The Wheel’ and the inaugural release for RumbleStrip Records, the label founded by Cash and husband John Leventhal. Cash and Leventhal will also be performing a special run of shows in November to revisit the music and stories behind the album. Read more

Warner Music Group Opens a Creative Hub in Berlin

By: Ashley King,

Warner Music Group has opened a new creative hub in Berlin, located in the historic Schicklerhaus building. The hub features an interior performance space, rooftop terraces, and collaboration rooms equipped with the latest technology. The grand opening was attended by over 700 guests, including artists, songwriters, and industry professionals. The hub aims to serve the needs of WMG employees, as well as domestic and international artists, songwriters, and producers. The opening event was a celebration of music, entertainment, and politics, with notable attendees including Katja Krasavice, Alphaville, and the Deputy Mayor of Berlin. Read more

Ban ticket resellers from making profit in UK, say musicians’ managers

By: Rob Davies,

Music industry managers, including those who work with artists like Ed Sheeran, are calling for a ban on ticket resellers making a profit in the UK. They want the government to follow the lead of Ireland and France, which have introduced legislation to ban or restrict resale for more than face value. The managers argue that the resale of event tickets for profit should be outlawed to protect consumers from “predatory” touts. They also want platforms like Google and YouTube to stop promoting resale sites and direct users to face-value ticket exchange platforms. Read more


As we conclude this week’s edition of The Beat of Business, we hope the stories and insights shared have shed light on the diverse, challenging, and rewarding journey of music entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for our next issue, where we will continue to explore the ever-evolving world of music through the lens of entrepreneurship.

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