The Beat of Business: Music Business Blogs Digest – Sep 02, 2023

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Today’s music world is not just about producing great tracks, but also about the art of spotting opportunities, inventing new methods, and understanding market trends. Entrepreneurs, whether they are successful musicians themselves or savvy business individuals behind the scenes, play a crucial role in driving the music industry forward. In this week’s edition, we’re going to explore a range of stories that highlight practical strategies and real-life experiences from those who have successfully navigated the entrepreneurial path in music.

AI, music rights, and known unknowns

By: Mark Mulligan,

The music industry is on the brink of a new era, with AI, fandom, and the creator economy taking center stage. As consumer behavior shifts, music licensing will need to adapt to keep up with the rapid pace of change. Technology’s ability to replicate and distribute music at an unprecedented scale poses new challenges for rights holders. Major labels’ market share has decreased, and the importance of mainstream hits has diminished. To navigate this new landscape, a more agile and forward-thinking approach to music rights is necessary. AI will play a crucial role in accelerating these changes. Read more

U.S. Copyright Office To Study The Implications Of Ai

By: Bobby Owsinski,

The U.S. Copyright Office is conducting a study on the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on artistic works. The study will focus on three topics: those involved in using copyrighted works to train AI models, the appropriate levels of transparency and disclosure regarding the use of copyrighted works, and the legal status of AI-generated outputs. The deadline for comments is October 18 for electronic comments and November 15 for written comments. While definitive guidance won’t be available until next year, it’s important for artists to read the terms and conditions and be aware of copyright ownership when using AI. Read more

How to Use ChatGPT for Music Publicity

By: Ariel Hyatt,

Learn how to use ChatGPT and AI for music publicity in this blog post. Discover how AI can assist with research and writing personalized pitches, creating a media list, writing press releases, coming up with clever DM pitches, crafting compelling subject lines, generating social media post ideas, and increasing audience engagement. Find out how AI-driven tools like ChatGPT can provide valuable insights into audience preferences and emerging trends in the music industry. Read more

“Blinding Lights” and how playlist culture is bending the art of songwriting

By: Carla Malrowe,

The rise of playlist culture is changing the art of songwriting. The most streamed song on Spotify, “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, exemplifies the characteristics of a successful streamable song: pop genre, catchy yet simple, short, and mellow. Streaming services like Spotify and YouTube promote playlist consumption, offering variety and predictability. As a result, songs are becoming shorter, more concise, and less diverse. This shift raises questions about creative freedom and the impact of format on music. While some find it sad to write music specifically for playlists, songwriters have always adapted to the constraints of different formats. Read more

Why Beatboxing’s Future is in the Studio

By: Tani Levitt,

Discover why beatboxing’s future lies in studio production as beatboxers like SHOW-GO and Hiss take the genre to new heights. Despite not following the traditional beatboxing growth path, SHOW-GO’s career has thrived thanks to his decision to record tracks in the studio, master them, and release them as singles and albums. This strategy has propelled him to Chartmetric’s top 250k artists worldwide, reaching a new peak at 13,168th. Other beatboxers like Rahzel, NaPoM, Gene Shinozaki, Inkie, and the World Champion beatbox crew Berwyam have also embraced studio production to further their careers. Read more

Contract Freak: The Nebulous World Of Agreements In The Music Industry

By: Irina Shtreis,

Discover the nebulous world of agreements in the music industry, from master and publishing rights to remastered album reissues. Learn the difference between recording and composition ownership. Read more

Jaxsta CEO Josh Simons Talks Integration, Opportunities: ‘I’m Taking That Challenge, And Tackling It Head On’

By: Lars Brandle,

Jaxsta CEO Josh Simons discusses the integration and opportunities that have arisen from the growth and additions to the official music credits database. The acquisition of Vampr, the raising of $3 million, and the launch of have all contributed to Jaxsta’s evolution. Simons highlights the importance of revenue, cost efficiency, and profitability, and confirms that sales from now count towards ARIA’s suite of charts. The integration of Vampr and Jaxsta will be phased, with a focus on specialising in the database and redirecting creators through the Vampr experience. Read more

Music Tectonics reveals 10 strong music tech startup semi-finalists

By: Bruce Houghton,

The Music Tectonics conference has announced the ten semi-finalists for its Swimming With Narwhals Pitch Competition 2023. The startups include Aux, a generative AI model for audio samples, Creativemind, an AI music composer, and Dequency, a web3-enabled music rights portal. Other startups focus on collaborative music production, UGC video collection, guitar learning, voice tech, fan data, analytics, and generative AI video creation. The online pre-conference will take place on September 13th, followed by the in-person conference in Santa Monica from October 24-26. Read more

Live Nation Teams Up with FUZE Technology to Provide More Charging Stations at Shows

By: Ashley King,

Live Nation has partnered with FUZE Technology to provide more charging stations at concerts and music festivals. The multi-year partnership will make charging kiosks available at 30 Live Nation music festivals and 45 venues nationwide, reaching over 25 million concertgoers. The goal is to expand to over 300 Live Nation venues and festivals in the coming years. Fans can rent portable phone chargers from chargeFUZE kiosks by scanning a QR code. The chargers come with various cable options and can be returned or kept for a small fee. This partnership aims to ensure fans stay connected during live music events. Read more

8 Emerging East African DJs You Don’t Want To Miss

By: Randi Zimmerman,

Discover 8 emerging East African DJs who are taking over the music scene with their unique styles and talents. From Cuppy’s open-format DJ style to DJ Neptune’s ability to entertain diverse audiences, these DJs are making waves in Nigeria and beyond. DJ Kaywise, DJ Jimmy Jatt, DJ Lambo, DJ Spinall, DJ Xclusive, and DJ Big N are also featured, each with their own impressive accomplishments and contributions to the industry. Check them out on Spotify and get ready to fall in love with their music. Read more


As we conclude this week’s edition of The Beat of Business, we hope the stories and insights shared have shed light on the diverse, challenging, and rewarding journey of music entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for our next issue, where we will continue to explore the ever-evolving world of music through the lens of entrepreneurship.

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