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Today’s music world is not just about producing great tracks, but also about the art of spotting opportunities, inventing new methods, and understanding market trends. Entrepreneurs, whether they are successful musicians themselves or savvy business individuals behind the scenes, play a crucial role in driving the music industry forward. In this week’s edition, we’re going to explore a range of stories that highlight practical strategies and real-life experiences from those who have successfully navigated the entrepreneurial path in music.


The Consequence of Streaming and Catalog

By: Chris Castle,

The economics of streaming have led to a lack of new releases in the top 10 biggest albums of 2023 so far. Only one album released in 2023, by Lewis Capaldi, made the list. The top 10 most streamed albums include Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Eminem, and ABBA. This highlights the impact of streaming on the music industry and the dominance of older catalog music. #FixStreaming Read more

You Have To Play To Win

By: bob,

Innovation and change are crucial in the music industry to stay relevant and have longevity. The Beatles and Madonna are prime examples of artists who embraced change and achieved success. The same applies to other industries, such as the automotive sector, where Tesla’s software-focused approach has put them ahead of traditional manufacturers. The key is to understand the landscape, take risks, and invest in new technologies. Stagnation leads to irrelevance. Read more about the importance of change and innovation in this blog post. Read more


5 New Things about Streaming Platforms Every Musician Should Know

By: Chris Robley,

Discover the latest developments in music streaming platforms that every musician should know. From the controversy over Deezer’s proposed “artist-centric” royalty model to new data features on TIDAL and Spotify, there are exciting updates for artists. Spotify introduces Promo Cards for songwriters and a new Daylist format that customizes music to your daily patterns. Additionally, Spotify Jam allows real-time collaboration on playlists with friends. Stay informed and take advantage of these new features to enhance your music career. Read more

10 essential online music marketing tools

By: Melanie Kealey,

Discover the 10 essential online music marketing tools for independent artists and bands. From mailing lists to artist websites, smart links to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, these tools can help you find fans and build lasting relationships with them. Learn how to effectively reach your audience and market your music to a targeted audience. Don’t miss out on valuable insights and opportunities to connect with your fans. Read more

Bandcamp United Demands to Songtradr

By: Trichordist,

Bandcamp United is demanding that Songtradr meet their demands, including employment offers for all workers, voluntary severance offers, immediate union recognition, and continuation of bargaining. Find out more about the demands and the ongoing negotiations. Read more

Spotify’s audiobooks move is another brick in the audio wall

By: Mark Mulligan,

Spotify is expanding its offerings by making 15 monthly audiobook hours available to premium subscribers. This move is part of Spotify’s journey to become more than just a music service and embrace non-music content like podcasts and audiobooks. The pandemic has accelerated the consumption of audiobooks, and DSPs like Spotify have the opportunity to mainstream the format. Audiobooks can turn passive listening into active listening, making users more engaged and less likely to churn. However, music rightsholders are concerned about the potential impact on music listening hours and negotiating fees. Original content development is also a crucial factor for Spotify’s success in the audiobook market. Read more

Music Promotion

Making the Most of Your Artist Profile on Spotify


Learn how to make the most of your artist profile on Spotify with the new tab design that organizes your music, concerts, merch, and more. The revamped profile allows fans to engage with you and easily shop your offers, increasing your revenue. Customize your profile to represent your brand and music, and highlight important content such as fundraising destinations, popular tracks, artist picks, popular releases, featured playlists, clips, artist bio, artist playlists, fans also like recommendations, and albums you’ve contributed to. The Events tab showcases your live and upcoming events, allowing fans to discover and attend shows. Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity Excerpt How to Find, Research, & Hire a Music Publicist

By: Ariel Hyatt,

Are you a musician looking to hire a music publicist? This blog post provides a guide on how to find, research, and hire a music publicist. It emphasizes the importance of doing your homework and setting a budget. It also offers tips on making contact with a music publicist and setting reasonable goals. The post advises artists to be mindful of the PR firm’s criteria for accepting clients and to ensure that they are a good fit for the firm. Overall, it provides valuable insights for musicians seeking music publicity. Read more

Music Releases

Perris Records Announces the Release of PAUL LIDEL’S SCREAM THERAPY on October 20th

By: Rai Beardsley,

Perris Records announces the release of Paul Lidel’s Scream Therapy on October 20th. The album combines the swagger of early GnR and Aerosmith with the darkness of Alice In Chains and the classic hard rock attitude. Fans of Lidel’s previous bands, Dangerous Toys and Dirty Looks, will love it. The CD is expected to be a top seller in 2023. Perris Records has been distributing and promoting hard rock bands for over 29 years. For more information and to order the album, visit the provided links. Read more

Fresh New Music ft. MINOE, Spencer Ludwig, Stick Figure

By: Daphne Barquin,

Discover the latest insights and industry advancements in music marketing, monetization, artist development, and more. Explore topics such as release strategy, social media, video marketing, artist management, legal, touring, Web3, mental health, sync licensing, publishing, Soundcloud monetization, YouTube, physical distribution, and more. Stay updated with company news, webinars, industry panels, case studies, YouTube how-to’s, podcasts, guides, and join the Facebook group. Submit your music for a chance to be featured in playlists. Check out the Fresh New Music playlist on Spotify. Read more

Tomorrow’s Five: Loraine James, Petey, Dua Saleh, TA Thomas, and 310babii

By: Third Bridge Creative,

Discover five emerging artists on the rise in the music industry, including Loraine James, Petey, Dua Saleh, TA Thomas, and 310babii. Loraine James, an experimental electronic producer from the UK, has seen her profile rise with the release of her latest album. Petey, known for his TikTok skits, has gained popularity with his indie rock sound. Dua Saleh, a non-binary Sudanese-American singer, is making waves with their blend of R&B, rap, and rock. TA Thomas, a Mississippi singer-songwriter, is perfecting his smooth and sensual sound. 310babii, a 17-year-old rapper from Inglewood, is gaining attention with his catchy tracks. Find out more about these rising artists in this blog post. Read more

Music Events

‘Christmas At The Opry’ Announces Star-Studded Performer Lineup

By: Caela Griffin,

NBC’s Christmas at the Opry has announced an all-star lineup of country stars set to take the Grand Ole Opry House stage on Dec. 7. Grammy-winning country artist Wynonna will host the highly anticipated musical event that, following its airing, will stream the next day on Peacock. The festive two-hour special will feature performances by many fan-favorite artists and country music icons, including Adam Doleac, Breland, Brenda Lee, Chris Janson, Chrissy Metz, Kelly Clarkson, Lauren Alaina, Meghan Patrick, Mickey Guyton, Mitchell Tenpenny and Trace Adkins. Read more


Indie companies worry as major labels intervene in vinyl and CD distribution

By: Eamonn Forde,

Independent labels in the UK are concerned about major labels intervening in vinyl and CD distribution, following distribution problems with Utopia Music. Vinyl sales have increased by 13.2% in the first nine months of 2023, but smaller acts are missing out on chart positions due to distribution issues. Utopia Music, which has an estimated 70% share of the UK physical music distribution market, faced chaos during a warehouse move, resulting in stock being temporarily unable to be located. There are also concerns about the influence of major labels Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment over the independent sector. Read more

Hipgnosis Songs Fund Shareholders Reportedly ‘Preparing To Block’ $440 Million Catalogs Sale — ‘It’s All About Price’

By: Dylan Smith,

Major shareholders of Hipgnosis Songs Fund are reportedly preparing to block a proposed $440 million selloff of multiple catalogs. This comes after the CEO of Hipgnosis Songs Group was placed on leave due to sexual assault allegations. The fund has been facing financial challenges, with tapped-out credit lines and shares trading at a discount. The proposed divestment includes 29 catalogs, including the rights to the work of artists like Shakira and Barry Manilow. The outcome of the investor meetings in October will determine the future of the fund and the potential sale of the catalogs. Read more

Music News: Renowned pianist and conductor, Boris Cepeda, relocates to Atlanta and unveils European Piano Academy

By: Christopher Laird Simmons,

Renowned pianist and conductor Boris Cepeda has relocated to Atlanta and unveiled the European Piano Academy. Cepeda, who was born in Ecuador and raised in Germany, brings a unique blend of cultural influences to the vibrant city. He aims to continue his legacy of musical excellence and share his passion and expertise with a new community of music enthusiasts and aspiring artists. Cepeda’s relocation is underscored by his commitment to furthering his successful career as a pianist and orchestra conductor, and the European Piano Academy of Atlanta, which he co-founded with his wife, will help nurture the next generation of piano virtuosos. Read more

The Orchard Celebrates Billboard Latin Music Award Wins

By: Alejandra Orellana,

The Orchard celebrates 16 wins at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, with Peso Pluma taking home 8 awards. Other performances included Eladio Carrión and El Alfa. Find the full list of winners and nominees in the blog post. Read more

Submit to Hollywood Music in Media Awards

By: Music Connection,

The 14th Annual Hollywood Music In Media Awards, honoring original music (song & score) in all visual media, will take place on November 15th at The Avalon in Hollywood. Submission Deadline is October 15th. Read more


By: A2IM,

Discover how WARM can track your radio airplay in real-time, providing valuable insights to advance your music career. With tools to improve marketing strategies and accelerate royalty collection, WARM is beneficial for record labels, managers, radio pluggers, and artists. A2IM members can enjoy a 20% discount on any plan. Find out more and get connected! Read more


As we conclude this week’s edition of The Beat of Business, we hope the stories and insights shared have shed light on the diverse, challenging, and rewarding journey of music entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for our next issue, where we will continue to explore the ever-evolving world of music through the lens of entrepreneurship.

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