The Beat of Business: Music Business Blogs Digest – Aug 19, 2023

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Today’s music world is not just about producing great tracks, but also about the art of spotting opportunities, inventing new methods, and understanding market trends. Entrepreneurs, whether they are successful musicians themselves or savvy business individuals behind the scenes, play a crucial role in driving the music industry forward. In this week’s edition, we’re going to explore a range of stories that highlight practical strategies and real-life experiences from those who have successfully navigated the entrepreneurial path in music.

Could Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Signify a Rise in Shorter Songs and Bigger Albums?

By: Danny Katz,

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour showcases the trend of shorter songs and bigger albums in the music industry. With a 44-song set spanning her ten musical eras, Swift’s three-plus hour concert became the highest-attended US concert for a female artist in history. The tour’s success highlights the demand for hearing highlights from all of an artist’s albums in one night. To fit the tight schedule, some songs were shortened, a trend that may become more common among top artists. This reflects the ongoing trend of shorter songs and bigger albums in popular music. Read more

YouTube Music’s new Samples feature introduces short-form videos to the app

By: Tom Newman,

YouTube Music has introduced a new feature called Samples, which offers a seamless feed of short-form music video segments. Similar to TikTok and Spotify’s redesign, Samples aims to help users discover new music and boost artists by introducing their music to a wider audience. The feature is available to all Free and Premium users globally on the YouTube Music app for iOS and Android. With all the relevant features under one brand, YouTube has an advantage over TikTok, which is planning to launch its own music streaming service. Read more

Musician’s Guide to Monetizing Music Live Streams

By: Ariel Hyatt,

Learn how musicians can monetize their music live streams through tips, donations, selling merchandise, and more. Discover tools and platforms like Instagram, Twitch, Bandzoogle, SoundCloud, Stage.It, and Bandcamp that can help musicians generate revenue from their live streams. Find out how to optimize these platforms and engage with fans to increase monetization opportunities. Additionally, learn about the importance of building an email list and contributing to charities. Explore the various ways musicians can make money during live streams and maximize their earning potential. Read more

7 ways to sell more tickets as an independent artist

By: Melanie Kealey,

Learn seven steps to sell more tickets as an independent artist, including setting up a website with events, using video, leveraging social media, utilizing your mailing list, leveraging local media, collaborating with other artists, and offering incentives. Selling tickets is crucial for marketing your music and increasing turnout at your shows. Implement these strategies to boost ticket sales and engage your fans. Read more

A Sync Licensing Music Executive is Changing the Game

By: Ari Herstand,

In this episode of the New Music Business podcast, Ari Herstand interviews Jessica Vaughn, Head of Sync at Venice Music and President of Head Bitch Music. They discuss the process of getting a song synced, representing the master rights of artists, and the current state of sync. They also touch on how artists can find music supervisors who are open to working with them directly and the role of AI music in sync. Tune in to learn more about the changing game of sync licensing. Read more


By: A2IM,

Amazon Music has launched a new integration with Bandsintown that allows artists to display merch and music alongside their tour dates. By adding their Amazon Music artist profile URL to their Bandsintown for Artists links, artists can showcase curated merch from Amazon Music for Artists on Bandsintown. The merch carousel is fully integrated with Bandsintown’s marketing tools, allowing artists to create campaigns and reach fans with merch promotions. This integration is available to all artists, even those without merch. Find more details on the Bandsintown for Artists website. Read more

11 South African Hip-Hop Artists You Don’t Want To Miss

By: Randi Zimmerman,

Discover 11 South African hip-hop artists who are making waves in the music industry. From AKA to Shane Eagle, these artists are pushing boundaries and creating unique sounds. Check out their killer albums and singles on Spotify and get ready to fall in love with their music. Read more

Music mogul Jerry Moss, co-founder of A&M Records, dies at 88

By: Associated Press,

Jerry Moss, co-founder of A&M Records, has passed away at the age of 88. Alongside partner Herb Alpert, Moss was responsible for the success of artists such as the Carpenters, Cat Stevens, and the Police. Moss and Alpert presided over one of the most successful independent labels for over 25 years, releasing blockbuster albums and nurturing a roster of talented musicians. Moss’s contributions to the music industry will be remembered and he will be greatly missed. Read more


As we conclude this week’s edition of The Beat of Business, we hope the stories and insights shared have shed light on the diverse, challenging, and rewarding journey of music entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for our next issue, where we will continue to explore the ever-evolving world of music through the lens of entrepreneurship.

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