Introduction to librosa: A Powerful Tool for Audio Engineers

Discover the power of librosa, a Python library designed for music and audio analysis. Learn how to extract musical features, manipulate audio, and use machine learning algorithms for music classification. Explore practical applications such as beat tracking, harmonic/percussive separation, audio effects, and music visualization. Enhance your music production process with librosa’s powerful capabilities and uncover new sonic territories.

A Simple Guide to Audio Manipulation with Pydub for Musicians

Musicians today are no strangers to technology. From the electric guitars to synthesizers, technology has been at the heart of modern music. Now, we are going to look at another exciting tool that musicians can leverage – a Python library called Pydub. Even if you’re new to programming, we’ll guide you through this fascinating journey of manipulating your audio files with code.

Writing Music Using Python and the pretty_midi Library

Learn how to create MIDI files in Python using the `pretty_midi` library. Explore the fundamentals of Python, MIDI, and the `pretty_midi` library, and discover how to generate MIDI files programmatically. From creating simple MIDI files to expanding on the basics with multiple notes, chords, and instruments, this article covers everything you need to know about MIDI creation in Python.