Guitar Finish Types: An Overview

A guitar’s finish, whether on an acoustic or electric guitar, serves two main purposes. The first is to protect the wood from moisture, dirt, sweat, and other potential contaminants. This ensures that the instrument’s lifespan is extended and that its tonal qualities remain consistent. The second purpose is aesthetic; the finish contributes significantly to the…

Microphone Types for Music Recording: an In-Depth Look

Discover the different types of microphones used in music recording, their strengths and weaknesses, and important concepts that underpin their operation. Explore dynamic microphones, condenser microphones, and ribbon microphones, and learn about their advantages and disadvantages. Find out about famous examples of each type and their ideal usage. Gain insights into polar patterns, frequency response, and sensitivity, and understand how these factors impact microphone selection. Make informed decisions in the recording process and choose the microphone that best serves the sonic needs of your recording.