Sustainable Piano Materials: A Challenge

Discover the challenges and opportunities in sourcing sustainable wood for pianos. Learn about the importance of wood in piano construction, including the soundboard, pinblock, action, and case. Explore the sustainability challenge and the role of piano manufacturers in promoting responsible forestry practices. Find out about sustainable alternatives and innovations, such as alternative materials and sustainable wood sources. Understand the future of piano construction and the role of consumers and regulation in promoting sustainability and conservation.

Personalizing Your Guitar with Hand-Carved Designs

Discover the art of hand-carving and how it can transform your electric guitar into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Learn about choosing the right design, planning and preparation, essential tools and materials, carving techniques, and tips for successful hand-carving. Explore stunning examples of hand-carved guitars, from intricately carved dragons to elegant tree of life designs. Personalize your instrument and unleash your creativity with the art of hand-carving.

Roland TR-8S: Rhythm Composer for the Modern Producer

Discover the Roland TR-8S, a rhythm composer that combines the iconic sounds of Roland’s classic drum machines with modern features and capabilities. Explore its extensive sound design options, sampling engine, performance capabilities, and connectivity. Whether you’re a fan of vintage drum machine sounds or looking to push the boundaries of electronic music, the TR-8S offers a versatile and intuitive platform for creating unique and innovative beats.