20 Boss Distortion and Overdrive Pedals Compared

Boss, a division of the Japanese company Roland, is a leading manufacturer of electronic musical equipment known for their robust and high-quality guitar pedals. These pedals are used by musicians around the world, from hobbyists in their bedrooms to professionals on the biggest stages. This article presents a comparison table of the twenty most popular Boss distortion and overdrive pedals.

Top 10 Rarest Boss Guitar Effect Pedals: Myths and Realities

Boss effect pedals hold a special place within the coveted sphere of guitar equipment. With their unique tonal characteristics, cultural significance, and limited availability, they are musical gems that continue to influence the soundscapes of contemporary music. In this article, we’ll journey through the top 10 rarest Boss pedals, exploring their distinct qualities, debunking prevalent myths, and making educated predictions about their future prices. These are the coveted objects of desire for collectors and musicians alike, each carrying a piece of Boss’s rich sonic legacy.

Why Don’t Boss Effect Pedals Have True Bypass?

The world of guitar effects is a vast and incredibly diverse domain, brimming with countless brands and products promising to morph your music into something extraordinary. One brand that stands tall amidst this ocean of variety is Boss – a household name known for its uncompromising quality and innovative spirit. However, one topic often discussed among the guitar community is why Boss effect pedals, unlike many others, do not employ ‘true bypass.’ This article seeks to unpack the reasons behind this choice and shed light on the age-old true bypass versus buffered bypass debate.