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How Long Does It Take to Learn Piano? We Asked 1000+ Pianists

By: Charmaine Li, www.pianote.com

How long does it take to learn piano? A survey of over 1000 piano players reveals that it takes about 4-5 years to become an intermediate player. More than half of intermediate players learned as adults, proving it’s never too late to learn. Frequent and short practice sessions are key, with most advanced and expert players practicing every day or five to six times a week for 45-90 minutes per session. Interestingly, self-teaching using books and online resources is popular among beginners, novices, and intermediate players, while gamified methods are the least popular. Read more

Jose Daniel Martinez Miranda – Fallen Petals Waltz

By: movingclassics.tv

Anna Heller performs the original composition ‘Fallen Petals Waltz’ by Jose-Daniel Martinez-Miranda, influenced by Chopin and Debussy. The waltz was inspired by a poem written by the composer’s wife. Check out the music score and listen to the beautiful waltz. Discover more new piano music on Moving Classics TV. Read more

How to Kill Off Your Ability to Learn to Play the Piano

By: Jen Crabb, pianoforretirees.com

Discover the obstacles that can hinder your ability to learn to play the piano and how to overcome them. Lack of practice, self-doubt, learning the wrong style of music, and negative influences can all kill off your piano-playing dreams. Find out how to build piano practice into your daily routine, believe in your own abilities, focus on the music styles that interest you, and ignore the naysayers. With time, effort, and patience, you can achieve success in playing the piano. Read more

Brambach Piano Value – What’s a Brambach Really Worth?

By: Mike Moore, www.digitalpianoreviewguide.com

Curious about the value of a Brambach piano? This blog post breaks down the factors that determine its worth, including age, condition, and type. Brambach pianos are known for their quality and small sizes, with prices ranging from $500 to $2,000+. The post also highlights specific examples of Brambach pianos for sale, including a charming baby grand listed for $2,500 and an antique Brambach piano that sold for $29,000. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a Brambach piano, this post provides valuable insights into assessing its value. Read more

How Improvising and Arranging Aid Music Memorisation

By: Rachel Palm, colourfulkeys.ie

Learn how improvising and arranging can aid music memorization in piano recitals. Discover creative activities that promote familiarity with pieces and encourage students to have a more intimate relationship with the music. Activities include making the piece their own by changing dynamics, octave, or adding repetitions, creating a medley by identifying similarities or differences between two mastered pieces, and constructing a mashup by combining favorite parts of different pieces. These activities help students gain confidence, improve their repertoire, and make memorization easier. Find out more about these creative tips and activities in this blog post. Read more

Guildhall Young Artists Online – Preparing For Conservatoire Entry: A New Course

By: Melanie Spanswick, melaniespanswick.com

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London is offering a new online course for international musicians interested in studying for a degree at the Guildhall School or any other UK music conservatoire. The two-year course is suitable for students of post Grade 8 level or equivalent and will cover the academic elements of the first year BMus course. Students will have the opportunity to be fast-tracked to the second year of the traditional four-year degree upon successfully auditioning for the Guildhall BMus programme. Applications are welcome from all international students. Read more

Eugénie Rocherolle’s Reflective Piano Solos

By: Andrew Eales, pianodao.com

Discover Eugénie Rocherolle’s Reflective Piano Solos, a collection of 11 beautiful and lyrical pieces for early advanced players. The pieces require a well-developed pedalling technique and large hands, and showcase Rocherolle’s talent for composing emotional and nostalgic music. The collection includes arrangements of traditional songs like ‘Water is Wide’ and ‘Shenandoah’, as well as Rocherolle’s original compositions. With its mixture of old and new, this collection offers both challenging and rewarding pieces for pianists to explore. Read more

White Coral Bells: a Singing Round & Easy Piano Solo

By: www.music-for-music-teachers.com

Discover the enchanting round ‘White Coral Bells’ with its lovely garden imagery and captivating lyrics. This blog post offers multiple versions of the song, including a piano solo, a lead sheet, and a version with lettered notes for beginners. The post also provides excellent fingering suggestions and a Middle C arrangement for young pianists. Download links for the music PDFs are included. If you’re looking for more rounds, the post offers a list of other songs to explore. Don’t miss out on this beautiful and accessible piece of music! Read more


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