Fresh Beats: Music Production Blogs Digest – Sep 08, 2023

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Every week, we gather the most interesting articles from music production blogs all around. We hunt down everything from the latest production techniques, new trends in the industry, informative interviews, to detailed gear reviews. So let’s jump right in and see what’s been going on this week.

30 Best Free MIDI Packs for Music Production

By: Mark V.,

Discover the 30 best free MIDI packs for music production that will inspire and enhance your beats. These packs offer a collection of MIDI files with instrumental riffs, chord progressions, and melodies created by experienced musicians. They are easy to use, save time, and can be customized to suit your style. MIDI packs also serve as a learning tool, provide inspiration, and allow for experimentation with different sounds and genres. Read more

Multi-effects, in motion: hands-on with Baby Audio’s Transit plug-in

By: Peter Kirn,

Discover the versatility of Baby Audio’s Transit plug-in, a multi-effects tool that allows you to combine and set multiple effects in motion. With seven effects slots and a range of modules to choose from, Transit offers a broad selection of effects that can be easily reordered and customized. The standout feature is the Transition Control knob, which not only controls the mix value of each module but also allows for interpolation between values. Read more

When A Song Isn’t Working, Here’s What To Do

By: Bobby Owsinski,

This blog post emphasizes the importance of troubleshooting a song when it doesn’t seem to be coming together. Drawing from his Music Producer’s Handbook, he provides 10 diagnostic questions. These cover aspects such as consistency in performance, dynamics, intensity, rhythmic tightness, tuning, groove, tempo, and vocal comfort in the chosen key. If a song still doesn’t gel after considering these points, Bobby Owsinski suggests taking a break and revisiting it another day or possibly rethinking its arrangement for a more successful result. Read more

Multiband Compression vs. Dynamic EQ

By: Justin Colletti,

Discover when to use multiband compression versus dynamic EQ in this informative blog post. Justin Colletti demonstrates audio examples with the Kirchoff-EQ, Lindell Audio 354E, Lindell Audio MBC, and more, showcasing how both types of processors can be applied to drums, bass, vocals, and the entire mix. Learn the differences and benefits of each technique. Read more

Grand Piano Recording – Using Stereo Ribbon mic with AKG 414

By: Mike Banks,

Learn how to capture a beautiful piano sound using a Hum Audio Devices RS-2 stereo ribbon microphone and a pair of AKG 414 mics. Engineer Owain Fleetwood Jenkins demonstrates his mic placement approaches, including his 3-1 rule for the AKG’s. The video features a great pianist, Dan Moore, playing in the lovely acoustic space at StudiOwz. The studio tour showcases the range of instruments available at StudiOwz, making it one of the top 10 studios in the UK for bands and acoustic instruments. Read more

Arturia PolyBrute Brass & String Patch Demo

By: saintjoe,

The Arturia PolyBrute is a versatile synth that can produce smooth, lush sounds as well as wild and unhinged tones. In this video, the author demonstrates some of the brass and string patches on the PolyBrute, showcasing its capabilities. The synth is well laid out and intuitive to use, with no need to navigate menus. Read more

Soonth Blocks FREE Modular Synth Plugin Gets A New GUI

By: James Nugent,

Soonth Blocks, the FREE modular synth plugin, has received a redesigned UI. The plugin allows users to build patches and presets by filling a grid with different Blocks. The new version of Blocks includes a dedicated Modulators menu, tabs, and selectable themes, making it easier to see and adjust everything. Stability issues have been addressed, and the plugin is available in 64-bit AU and VST formats for macOS and Windows. Read more

United Plugins releases saturation effect Plamen

By: Carl,

United Plugins has released Plamen, a powerful multi-band saturator plug-in that allows users to apply targeted saturation across multiple frequency bands. Plamen offers five distinct saturation types for each band, allowing for precise tonal shaping and sonic enhancement. It also features flexible crossover control and oversampling options for maximum audio quality. Additionally, Plamen includes a tape wow effect for added vintage warmth. The presets for Plamen have been crafted by industry professionals, ensuring high-quality results. Read more

Deskew Technologies Introduces Major Gig Performer Upgrade with Version 4.7


Deskew Technologies has released a major upgrade for Gig Performer, a VST/AU plugin host for live performers. The new version, Gig Performer 4.7, offers powerful features such as a Streaming Audio File Player plugin, actions for controlling widgets and MIDI events, an Auto Sampler for creating samples from plugins, radio groups for defining mutually exclusive parameters, and MIDI Finger Tap for playing MIDI files. The update provides musicians with greater control and reliability during live performances. Read more

5 CRSSD Festival Artists: What’s Your Favorite Gear?

By: ericadmin,

CRSSD Festival is gearing up for its 17th edition on Sept 23rd and 24th. We caught up with five artists to find out “what’s their favorite piece of gear?“ The Fall 2023 lineup is eclectic. The Ocean View stage boasts live electronic legends Underworld, future-bass pioneer Flume, and the iconic Fatboy Slim, among others. As official partners for the 2023 edition, Attack caught up with five of our favorite artists to ask them “What is your favorite piece of gear?” Read more

Why upgrade to Guitar Rig 7 Pro? Here’s what’s new

By: Native Instruments,

Upgrade to Guitar Rig 7 Pro for new ICM amps, pedals, and effects. With over 100 new rack presets, enhanced sidebar, and fresh amps powered by machine learning, elevate your productions with this ultimate multi-effects rack and amp simulator. Read more

Ghosthack Releases Free Percussion Loops 2023 Collection

By: Producer Feed,

Ghosthack has released Free Percussion Loops 2023, a royalty-free collection of percussion loops in WAV format. This free pack includes 20 premium percussion loops ranging between 120 and 140BPM and are super useful as a topping loop for your next drum adventure! Free Percussion Loops 2023 is a free download (requires a valid email address). Read more


Hope you’ve found these articles insightful and inspiring, sparking new ideas for your own music production journey. Be sure to tune in next week for another round of fascinating posts from the music production blogosphere!

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