Fresh Beats: Music Production Blogs Digest – Sep 01, 2023

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Mac DeMarco: “I like to respect the way that recordings come to be”

By: Sam Willings,

Mac DeMarco, the DIY indie hero, shares his approach to music-making, his disdain for guitar pedals, and his adoration for Kenny Beats. He discusses his stripped-back albums, One Wayne G and Five Easy Hot Dogs, and how he values the authenticity of recordings. DeMarco’s recording process involves setting up a rig wherever he is and capturing the stream of creativity in the moment, avoiding lengthy mixdown sessions. He recorded Five Easy Hot Dogs during a solo road trip around North America, using a portable setup. Despite having access to expensive gear, DeMarco prefers a DIY approach. Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Sampling Live Instruments

By: Jordan Dahl,

Discover the five reasons why sampling live instruments can take your music production to new heights. Learn how blending traditional and modern elements, infusing authenticity and expressiveness, exploring endless creative possibilities, blending genres, and elevating the live experience can enhance your tracks. Find out how artists like Daft Punk, Flume, Kaytranada, Pretty Lights, Gramatik, ODESZA, Kygo, and Disclosure have successfully incorporated live instrument samples into their music. Read more

Where To Find Materials For DIY Acoustic Panels

By: Bobby Owsinski,

Learn where to find materials for DIY acoustic panels, including Owens Corning 703, mineral wool, and Ultratouch cotton. Discover the best places to purchase these materials and how to handle them safely. Find out how to create frames for your acoustic panels using affordable wood trim and fabric. Get tips on covering your panels with acoustically transparent materials. Read more

Mixing Masterclass #11 – Parallel Compression

By: Computer Music,

Learn the art of parallel compression in Mixing Masterclass #11. This technique can add depth and punch to your mixes by blending a heavily compressed signal with the original uncompressed signal. Read more

How to Find and Work with a Professional Music Producer

By: Katie Marie,

Learn how to find and work with a professional music producer to take your songs from demos to masterpieces. This guest post by multi-instrumentalist Katie Marie explains the role of a producer, considerations when choosing one, and how to find the right match. Discover the importance of personality, genre specialization, and budget in the selection process. Finally, learn what questions to ask when discussing rates and services. A good producer will support and guide you throughout the recording process, making them worth every penny. Read more

Beginner DJ equipment: what you need to start DJing

By: Kevin McHugh,

Learn about the essential beginner DJ equipment you need to start DJing, including mixers, controllers, headphones, speakers, and software. Discover the cost range for beginner DJ equipment and find the best options that suit your needs and budget. Dive into the world of DJ mixers and how they control the flow of music, as well as the benefits of using a mixer like the TRAKTOR Kontrol Z1. Read more

Ableton Drift: 6 Steps to Master This New Killer Synth

By: Simon Haven,

Discover the new Ableton Drift synth and its unique features for creating warm and comforting sounds. This analog-modeled synth is perfect for genres like LoFi Hip Hop and Organic House. Learn about Ableton Drift’s interface, creating sounds, adding movement to your patch, and a secret tip to get the most out of it. Read more

Traktor X1 MK3: A First Look

By: Ean Golden,

Native Instruments has released the Traktor X1 MK3 controller, which offers a fresh departure from previous generations of hardware. The controller doubles as both a mixer controller and an FX controller, and features five OLED displays, a light-based notification system, customizable button colors and backlighting, a three-port USB hub, and Traktor Pro 3 included. The new X1 reintroduces the layout of the original version with significant improvements, making it an attractive upgrade option. This release suggests that Native Instruments is heading in a new direction, leading with a modular controller. Read more

Polyend takes its OG Tracker to firmware 1.7 with new features

By: Peter Kirn,

Polyend has released a firmware update for its OG Tracker, adding new features and improving clock stability. The full-sized Tracker is still in production, despite a recent fire sale on Reverb. The update includes improved clock stability, redesigned MIDI config parameters, overhauled file and project management, saturation modes on the master channel, and more. The Tracker Mini is expected to receive an update soon. The firmware update is available for download on the Polyend website. The Tracker is currently available for a discounted price of $359 on Reverb, but will return to $699 after the sale. Read more


Hope you’ve found these articles insightful and inspiring, sparking new ideas for your own music production journey. Be sure to tune in next week for another round of fascinating posts from the music production blogosphere!

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