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Audio Engineering

Ear Training for Audio Engineers: Unleashing the Power of Listening

By: Tom Frampton,

The blog post emphasizes the importance of Audio Ear Training for audio engineers, a crucial yet often overlooked skill set for enhancing mixing accuracy and efficiency. It distinguishes professional engineers from amateurs based on their keen ability to analyze sound for aspects like EQ adjustments, compression, and stereo balance. The post introduces Sound Gym’s gamified training exercises, designed to hone skills in frequency identification, level matching, subtle compression detection, spatial positioning, and artifact recognition. These exercises enable engineers to work more intuitively, quickly identify and correct problem areas, and better understand other professionals’ mixes. Read more

Here’s When To Use The Different Types Of Compressors

By: Bobby Owsinski,

The article by Bobby Owsinski provides a guide to different types of compressors used in audio engineering, elaborating on their characteristics and best use cases. Optical Style compressors like the LA-2A have a slow attack and release, ideal for vocals and adding warmth but not for controlling transients. FET Style compressors, exemplified by the 1176, have a fast attack and release and are great for adding punch but can be aggressive sounding. VCA Style compressors, like the dbx 160, offer excellent response time and control but can be thin-sounding and don’t smooth out volume. Vari-Gain Style, such as the Fairchild 670, add “glue” to the mix and increase the compression ratio with the gain reduction but have a slow attack and release. The article also notes that modern digital compressors offer advanced capabilities beyond these traditional types but might not emulate hardware as effectively. Each type has its unique sound and characteristics, making it essential to choose the right compressor for a specific task. Read more

How to EQ EVERYTHING: A FREE Comprehensive Guide

By: SonicScoop,

Learn how to EQ drums, bass, vocals, guitars, and more with a comprehensive guide by Justin Colletti. Discover a groundbreaking new EQ system that can elevate your entire mix, even if you have no experience. Read more


Jarle Bernhoft – Interview with Oscar Ball

By: Mike Banks,

Read an exclusive interview with musician Jarle Bernhoft as he discusses his love for making music and the motivation behind his great sounding records. Bernhoft has worked with renowned producers such as Adrian Bushby and Gil Norton. Find out more about his upcoming album and visit his website for more information. Also, check out Otterhead Studios, where the interview took place. Don’t miss this insightful interview with a talented artist! Read more

Støll: “I’m Not Interested In Gaining Followers..Just Listen To The Music”

By: ericadmin,

Get to know Støll, a producer of dub ambient techno from Northeast Germany. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on gaining followers, his upcoming EP release, and his favorite places to play. He also reveals his love for playing chess and his dreamer nature. Don’t miss out on his latest release, ‘Inner Mountains,’ coming out next week. Read more


FREE BFD Player Plugin Offers Radio-Ready Drums

By: James Nugent,

BFD Audio has released BFD Player, a free drum VST plugin featuring 5GB of acoustic drum sounds. The plugin comes with a wide range of drum kits, including 80s Lover and Ramen Breaks. It offers high-quality sound and is compatible with electronic drum kits. BFD Player also includes a built-in mixer and a 3D kit view. This freebie is a great addition to the free virtual instrument market, especially for musicians who don’t have access to real drums. Download it now and enhance your tracks with radio-ready drums. Read more

Crystal Waters ‘Gypsy Woman’ Deconstruction with Ski Oakenfull in Ableton Live 11 & Push 3

By: Greta Flores-Trevino,

In this blog post, Point Blank Music School’s Head of Education and Curriculum, Ski Oakenfull, deconstructs Crystal Waters’ iconic track ‘Gypsy Woman’ in Ableton Live 11 & Push 3. He explores the track’s simplicity, vocal processing, 90s house feel, and the influence of the Korg M1 synthesizer and Roland TR-909 drum machine. Ski also demonstrates the power of modern music technology by using Neural Mix Pro to isolate the vocal acapella. If you’re interested in mastering the intricacies of creating iconic tracks, Point Blank offers degree courses in Music Production and DJ Performance or Music Production and Sound Engineering. Register now to access free courses, plugins, projects, samples, and more. Read more

Synplant 2 is Here – Smarter, Performance-Friendly, and Imports Audio Samples!

By: Fab,

Sonic Charge has released Synplant 2, the long-awaited follow-up to their unique software synthesizer. The new version features Genopatch technology, allowing users to use audio recordings and samples as seeds for synth patches. Other enhancements include a rewritten audio engine, a new DNA editor, new performance features, and MPE support. Synplant 2 is available for download and purchase, with an upgrade price of $50/€50 for Synplant version 1 owners. The full price is $149/€149. Visit the Sonic Charge product page to demo or purchase Synplant 2. Read more

1,600+ Best Free Snare Drum Samples & Snare Drum Sample Packs

By: Mark V.,

Upgrade your music tracks with high-quality snare drum sounds using the best free snare drum samples. These collections include hard-hitting snares, recorded samples from real drums, and vintage drum sounds. Suitable for diverse music genres, these royalty-free samples can be used in personal and commercial projects. Explore the Producers Buzz Snare Drum Samples, 3 x 500 Free Unique Drum Samples, GhostHack Free Snare One-Shots, Sound Camp Snare Drums, Sample Focus, and Sample Swap for a wide range of snare drum options. Expand your sound library and enhance your music production today! Read more

Wrongtools Releases Spin Free Instrument for NI Kontakt

By: Producer Feed,

Wrongtools has released Spin, a free virtual instrument for Kontakt featuring a duo of carousel music boxes. The instrument is tailored for cinematic composers and is described as a portal to making film music of nostalgia, playful childhood, mysterious slow-motion, and uplifting fairytales. Read more

Music Composition

Songwriting with Session Ukulele: 5 ways to use ukulele in your songs

By: Tim Cant,

Discover five ways to use the ukulele in your songwriting and take your projects to the next level. Session Ukulele for Kontakt and Kontakt Player offers a versatile sound with strummed chords, melody options, and customizable settings. Learn how to make chord progressions, add rhythmic interest, carry a melody, create arpeggios, and make counter-melodies with this powerful instrument. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, Session Ukulele can bring a unique and authentic sound to your music. Read more

How to Start a Song? 9 Proven Tricks to Get You Off the Ground

By: Simon Haven,

Discover 9 different tricks to start new songs, including the instrument-based approach, sample-based approach, and the ‘plagiarism’ approach. Learn how to start a song with drums, chords, melody, or atmosphere. Find out how to keep your options open and freshen up your songwriting process. Mix and match techniques that work for you. Explore chord generators and learn more about creating great chord progressions. Get inspired and get off the ground with these proven tricks to start a song. Read more


Hope you’ve found these articles insightful and inspiring, sparking new ideas for your own music production journey. Be sure to tune in next week for another round of fascinating posts from the music production blogosphere!

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