Fresh Beats: Music Production Blogs Digest – Aug 25, 2023

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Every week, we gather the most interesting articles from music production blogs all around. We hunt down everything from the latest production techniques, new trends in the industry, informative interviews, to detailed gear reviews. So let’s jump right in and see what’s been going on this week.

How to produce a drum and bass track

By: Tim Cant,

Learn how to produce a drum and bass track from scratch using Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol, Battery 4, Massive, Massive X, Monark, Raum, Replika XT, and iZotope Ozone. This guide explores the origins of drum and bass music, its defining characteristics, and the step-by-step process of creating a drum and bass track. Discover how to craft intricate drum patterns, powerful bass lines, and signature drum and bass sounds. Read more

Music Production and the Creative Process: OSCILLATR x Output

By: Output,

Producer and writer OSCILLATR shares his favorite tips and tricks for music production in a recent interview. He suggests creating limitations to overcome creative blocks, mixing and matching genres for fresh ideas, improvising beats over simple loops, and making samples your own using Arcade. He also offers advice on filling out basic beats, knowing when a track is finished, and using automation for a finishing touch. OSCILLATR aims to demystify music production and empower others to express themselves through music. He plans to release an EP in early 2024. Read more

You Know Your Mix Is Finished When It Has These 8 Things

By: Bobby Owsinski,

Determining when a mix is finished can be challenging for many mixers. This blog post outlines 8 things that will let you know when your mix is ready for the world. These include a solid groove, distinct mix elements, clear lyrics and notes, punchy bass and drums, a focal point, contrast, elimination of noises and glitches, and the ability to hold up against songs you love. Read more

From Bedroom DJ to BBC Radio 1: Lessons in Broadcasting with Danny Howard

By: Greta Flores-Trevino,

Learn from BBC Radio 1 host Danny Howard’s journey from DJ competition winner to prime-time radio slot. Discover his tips for planning energetic shows and creating a personal connection with the audience. Read more

Modular Synth Masterclass #1 – Intro

By: Computer Music,

Computer Music magazine presents the Modular Synth Masterclass #1 – Intro. This tutorial is part of a 13-part playlist that covers modular synths. The video provides an introduction to modular synthesis and is a must-watch for synth enthusiasts. Read more

Eiosis e2deesser – De-esser plugin [Review by Russell Cottier]

By: Russell Cottier,

Read a review of the Eiosis e2deesser plugin, a de-esser with a split signal path and advanced interface. The plugin offers a multi-functional workflow for de-essing tasks and includes features such as detection algorithms, EQ, wideband gain, and auto and smooth algorithms. The GUI is classic and uncluttered, with additional metering information and preset options. The plugin also includes a spectrogram for visualizing the input signal and selecting frequencies. Read more

The Acid V Is Here To Corrode Your Basslines

By: ericadmin,

Arturia has announced the Acid V, an enhanced emulation of the Roland TB-303. Acid V elaborates on the original features with new additions such as advanced sequencing and sound processing capabilities. It also offers extensive preset lists, built-in artificial intelligence for editing sequences, advanced modulation options, and a variety of effects channels. Acid V is available now on Arturia’s website with introductory prices and bundle discounts. Read more

IK Multimedia Releases New TONEX Tone Partner Collections


IK Multimedia has released 33 new TONEX Tone Partner Collections, expanding their AI Machine Modeling tone-sharing community. The collections include over 2,200 curated Tone Models of iconic guitar amps and effects. Four new Tone Partners have joined the marketplace, adding their own collections to the store. Users can demo any collection before purchase and there are over 139 free Tone Models available for download. The collections can be used with TONEX hardware or software, including AmpliTube 5, and presets created using Tone Models can be shared on ToneNET. Read more

Heavyocity releases FOUNDATIONS | Staccato Brass for free

By: Carl,

Heavyocity has released FOUNDATIONS | Staccato Brass, a free Kontakt instrument featuring short, bombastic staccatos and expertly-crafted sound design. The instrument includes two sound sources, 10 custom presets, gate and arpeggio control, a 2-channel mixer, envelope control, and master FX. It is designed to provide a rhythmic and energetic quality for expressive and impactful musical storytelling. Download it for free from the Heavyocity website. Read more


Hope you’ve found these articles insightful and inspiring, sparking new ideas for your own music production journey. Be sure to tune in next week for another round of fascinating posts from the music production blogosphere!

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