Fresh Beats: Music Production Blogs Digest – Aug 18, 2023

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Every week, we gather the most interesting articles from music production blogs all around. We hunt down everything from the latest production techniques, new trends in the industry, informative interviews, to detailed gear reviews. So let’s jump right in and see what’s been going on this week.

Parallel Compression & Processing: The Secret to Full Mixes 🎛️

By: Simon Haven, www.edmprod.com

Parallel compression, often termed “New-York compression,” is a powerful yet straightforward technique that can elevate your music mixes. Contrary to the perception of it being an advanced technique reserved for elite mixers, Simon Haven clarifies that it’s quite accessible. Parallel compression involves blending a dry (unaffected) signal with a compressed version of the same signal, allowing the user to add punch and aggression to the sound while retaining the original dynamics. This method is particularly effective for vocals, ensuring nuances aren’t lost, and for drums, providing the necessary punch without losing dynamic feel. Read more

Distorted Guitar Guitar Editing Made Easy

By: Bobby Owsinski, bobbyowsinskiblog.com

Learn a great guitar recording tip from Richard Chycki, engineer for Rush and Dream Theater, that makes editing distorted electric guitar tracks easier. By recording a direct track along with the amplifier mic or amp emulator track, you can easily see the natural edit points of the track. Group the clean and distorted tracks together for easy editing, and hide and disable the direct edit track after editing to unclutter the mix window. Recording a direct track is also useful for reamping and using guitar simulators during mixing. This tip is included in the latest version of the Recording Engineer’s Handbook. Read more

Are More Expensive Cables Worth It?

By: Justin Colletti, sonicscoop.com

Are more expensive cables worth it? This blog post explores the differences in sound quality and build quality between cheap and expensive audio cables. The author conducted listening tests with Hosa cables and found that while upgrading balanced cables for microphones and line-level signals may not make a significant difference in sound quality, upgrading instrument and speaker cables can yield subtle or significant improvements. However, the most important reason to spend more on cables is for their build quality. Overall, the post provides insights into the factors to consider when purchasing audio cables. Read more

How to Get Your First Gig in New York City

By: Recording Connection, recordingconnection.com

New York City is a competitive city for musicians, but getting your first gig is not impossible. The key is to network, perfect your skills, and keep a positive attitude. Attend open mic nights, meet industry professionals, and showcase your talents. Consider opportunities in the studio as well. Breaking into the NYC music scene takes time and dedication, but Recording Connection can help. Their programs put you in a professional recording studio where you’ll learn from industry insiders. Build your skills, develop a portfolio, network, promote yourself, research, prepare your pitch, reach out to venues, collaborate, and be professional, persistent, and patient. Read more

Like Discord for music: Endlesss introduces Clubs

By: Peter Kirn, cdm.link

Endlesss, the multiplayer music creation app, has introduced Clubs, a new social space for music communities to share and collaborate. Clubs offer private and public areas, chat-based interface, file sharing, and integration with Endlesss and other desktop tools. The closed beta is set for later this year, with a full public rollout in early 2024. While details about governance and pricing are yet to be announced, the introduction of Clubs is a promising step towards creating a supportive and collaborative platform for musicians in an increasingly algorithm-driven social media landscape. Read more

Sennheiser HD660s Review (Still Worth It In 2023?)

By: Kieran Whitehouse, producerhive.com

Read a detailed review of the Sennheiser HD660s headphones and find out if they are worth it for your studio. Discover their exceptional clarity, comfort, and precise frequency response. Learn about the minimal but significant changes from their predecessors, the HD650 and HD600. See how they compare to other popular studio headphones on the market. Whether you’re an audiophile or a music producer, this review will help you determine if the HD660s deserve a place in your setup. Read more

How to make a tropical house track that takes the beach vibe to the dancefloor

By: Tim Cant, blog.native-instruments.com

Learn how to create your own tropical house track from scratch in this tutorial. Discover the elements of tropical house music, including its laid-back beats, catchy melodies, and use of exotic instruments. Follow step-by-step instructions on making a drum beat, composing chords, adding lead and bass lines, creating a counter-melody, applying sound effects, and mastering your track. Get inspired by influential tropical house artists like Thomas Jack, Kygo, Jonas Blue, and Robin Schulz. Read more

Learn to create stunning trailer SFX with Logic!

By: ask.audio

Learn how to create stunning sound FX for trailers, movies, and video games with Logic Pro in this course with talented sound designer Alex Hollingsworth. Explore techniques like layering, synthesis, and audio processing to transform raw elements into captivating sound. From thunderous explosions to eerie drones, this course covers it all. Read more

Platone Studio Offers FREE Flex Reverb, Delay Eleven, And DJ Filter Plugins

By: Fabio Gotti, bedroomproducersblog.com

Platone Studio has released three free plugins – Flex Reverb, Delay Eleven, and DJ Filter. These plugins offer simple-to-use tools with a modern-looking GUI. Flex Reverb includes a graphic EQ and filtering options, while Delay Eleven features a saturation section and panning control. DJ Filter is a one-knob LP/HP filter for creating DJ-style transitions. All three plugins are compatible with Windows and macOS. Download them for free now! Read more

Scratching the Surface: A Look At Point Blank’s Music Production & DJ Performance Degree

By: Stanley Li, plus.pointblankmusicschool.com

Point Blank Music School’s BA (Hons) Music Production and DJ Performance degree offers a unique and exciting program for beginners and experienced musicians. The degree covers hardware and software knowledge, DJing, music production, and performance-based modules. The course also includes a VJ skills module taught by veteran VJ Michael Speechley. Point Blank fosters a diverse and collaborative environment, with students from all over the world. The 2023 National Student Survey results show high satisfaction rates. The degree is eligible for applications through clearing. Read more


Hope you’ve found these articles insightful and inspiring, sparking new ideas for your own music production journey. Be sure to tune in next week for another round of fascinating posts from the music production blogosphere!

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