Fresh Beats: Music Production Blogs Digest – Aug 11, 2023

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Every week, we gather the most interesting articles from music production blogs all around. We hunt down everything from the latest production techniques, new trends in the industry, informative interviews, to detailed gear reviews. So let’s jump right in and see what’s been going on this week.

Your Music Doesn’t Suck, Your Friend’s Opinion Does

By: ericadmin,

In this blog post, Chick Gerrard discusses the phenomenon of ‘beatsplaining’ and how listening to your friend’s opinion about your music may not be valuable. He draws a parallel to the fable ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ to highlight the absurdity of conforming to societal expectations and the power of peer pressure. Gerrard shares his personal experience of playing his beats for his colleagues and receiving mixed feedback, but when he pretended that famous artists made the tracks, they were instantly approved. The lesson is that perception plays a significant role in how music is perceived and appreciated. Read more

Music career advice: Supermassive Games’ Orion Zane on building a portfolio and enrolling in music production courses

By: Sam Willings,

Orion Zane, a sound designer for Supermassive Games, shares his journey into game audio design and offers tips for breaking into the industry. He discusses his role as a video game sound designer, the creativity and immersive nature of the job, and standout moments in his career. Zane also talks about his passion for audio in video games, inspired by games like Legend of Zelda, and how dBs Institute tailored its teaching to his specialist subject. He encourages aspiring game audio designers to stay motivated, continually learn, and pursue their passion. Read more

An Inside Look At How Tape Delay Works

By: Bobby Owsinski,

Learn about the history and mechanics of tape delay in this blog post. Discover how tape delay was used in analog studios and how it is emulated in modern plugins. Find out about the different tape speeds and the unique characteristics of tape delay. Read more in Bobby Owsinski’s Mixing Engineer’s Handbook. Read more

The Impact of Dolby Atmos on Music Production

By: Alex Soldano,

Discover how Dolby Atmos is revolutionizing music production, enhancing sound quality, expanding audience reach, and unlocking creative opportunities for artists. Learn about the benefits of publishing music in Dolby Atmos, including greater exposure on Spatial Audio playlists. Explore the 360-degree sonic canvas that Dolby Atmos provides, allowing artists to control spatial placement and create immersive soundscapes. Find out about the online resources available to guide artists through the immersive mixing process and develop their skills. Embrace the potential of Dolby Atmos to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. Read more

From Samples to Songs: Creative Ways to Use Field Recordings in Your Productions

By: Tom Frampton,

Learn how to capture field recordings and use them creatively in your music productions. Discover the benefits of creating your own custom samples and adding character and authenticity to your tracks. Find out where to capture field recordings, from natural environments to urban settings. Read more

Avid, makers of Pro Tools, Media Composer, Sibelius, will go to private equity

By: Peter Kirn,

Media tech giant Avid is being acquired by private equity firm STG in a $1.4 billion all-cash deal. This means Avid will no longer be a publicly traded company. The acquisition highlights the continued trend of private equity investments in creative tech. While it may not lead to more value for customers or innovation, Avid’s range of production tools, including Pro Tools and Media Composer, will likely continue to thrive. The acquisition also raises questions about potential turnover among employees. Overall, this acquisition represents a significant milestone in STG’s commitment to driving technological advancements in the media and entertainment sector. Read more

Best Headphones for Mixing and Mastering: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide [2023]

By: Justin Colletti,

Discover the best headphones for mixing and mastering in this ultimate buyer’s guide. Learn why top professionals are now using headphones for their work and find out which models are recommended. From Audeze to Neumann, Focal to Sony, this article ranks the top picks and highlights the benefits of using headphones in compromised listening environments. Don’t underestimate the impact of your room on your mixes – upgrade your headphones for better accuracy and consistency. Whether you’re on a budget or willing to splurge, there’s a headphone option for you. Read more

DDJ-REV5: a scratch-style controller, sans motorized jogwheels – for $1099

By: Dan White,

Pioneer DJ has announced the release of the budget-friendly scratch controller, the DDJ-REV5. Priced at $1,099, it features vinyl-textured platters, long tempo sliders, Performance Pads, and a Magvel crossfader. The controller also includes dedicated Stems control and a new performance mode called Piano Play. Additionally, it offers an Auto BPM Transition feature and two USB-C ports for DJ handoffs. The DDJ-REV5 is expected to hit store shelves in late September 2023. Read more

Hz Box Is A FREE Chorus Plugin by Higher Hz

By: William Frady,

Higher Hz has released Hz Box, a free chorus plugin for Windows and macOS. Hz Box is not your typical chorus plugin, as it emulates the soundbox of an acoustic instrument, resulting in unique and varied effects. The plugin combines a resonance chamber, speaker emulation, chorus, phaser, and reverb to create its core sound. While it may not fit into a specific niche for your workflow, Hz Box is a bundle of fun and worth checking out, especially since it’s free. Read more

Camel Crusher: 7 Tips To Master the OG Distortion Plugin 🔥

By: Simon Haven,

Discover the history and features of the popular Camel Crusher plugin in this guide. Learn how to make the most out of its distortion, filtering, and compression units with 7 tips. Find out how to use the randomize function, create lo-fi effects, and more. Get ready to make your sounds huge and saturated with this beloved plugin. Read more

W.A. Production updates Loop Engine generator plugin to v1.1

By: Ronnie,

W.A. Production has released an update to its Loop Engine plugin, allowing users to generate MIDI loops with intuitive controls. The update includes a comprehensive preset manager, factory presets, tooltips, automation capabilities, and more. Loop Engine 1.1 is currently on sale for $29.70 USD until August 31st. Find out more about this versatile loop workstation and how it can enhance your music production. Read more

Why upgrade to Fables? Here’s what’s new

By: Native Instruments,

Discover the new features and additions in Fables, the cinematic library that brings organic acoustic instruments to your productions. With hand-played instruments, blendable layers, and polyphonic aftertouch capabilities, Fables offers a versatile package of harmonious musical tools. Explore the unique acoustics and top-of-the-line equipment used in the recording process, and unleash your creativity with the ability to control MIDI with touch. Upgrade to Fables and add magical soundscapes to your music. Read more

Spitfire Announces Jupiter By Trevor Horn (Preorder available).


Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Jupiter by Trevor Horn, a comprehensive collection of characteristic and crafted Drums, FX, Bass, Synths, and Piano. The library captures the production style and sonic elements associated with Trevor Horn’s work, recorded and produced in his studio. Powered by SOLAR, Spitfire Audio’s eDNA-powered plug-in, this library is perfect for synthwave and electropop, and for emulating the distinctive treatments and harmonies found in Trevor Horn productions. Read more


Hope you’ve found these articles insightful and inspiring, sparking new ideas for your own music production journey. Be sure to tune in next week for another round of fascinating posts from the music production blogosphere!

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