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The Abbey Road Story – A History Of Recording Innovation

Abbey Road Studios is the oldest and most famous recording studio in the world. It has a long history of technical innovation and has been the birthplace of many iconic recordings. While it is most well-known for being the studio where The Beatles recorded their music, Abbey Road has also played a significant role in the development of recording technology and has been used by countless legends of music throughout the years. Today, it continues to be a top recording studio and has been used by artists such as Adele, Muse, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga. Abbey Road’s incredible history and its impact on modern music make it an iconic and revered studio.

Recreating The Prodigy’s synth sounds on the original hardware – full of great tricks

In a new video, Alex Ball deconstructs some of the iconic synth sounds from The Prodigy and provides tips on how to recreate them. While the video focuses on using original hardware, there are also software replacements available from KORG and Roland. The KORG Prophecy plug-in and Roland Cloud offer options for replicating the sounds. The video showcases specific songs and provides additional information on the software used. Overall, the video offers inspiration and guidance for using these instruments, even if you’re not trying to duplicate The Prodigy’s sounds.

SSL Big Six Review: Upgrade Your Studio with This Powerful Mixer

The blog post is a review of the SSL Big Six, an 18-input desktop mixer that also functions as a USB audio interface. The Big Six features four SuperAnalogue preamps, per-channel compression and E Series EQ, and a G Series bus compressor. The review highlights the benefits of using a desktop mixer, such as multiple inputs, built-in signal processors, tactile control, and the ability to double as a USB audio interface. The post also discusses the various situations where a desktop mixer can be helpful, including music production, live productions, and content creation. The price of the Big Six is mentioned, noting that it is higher than other comparable mixers due to its professional-grade features. Overall, the review praises the Big Six for its powerful and versatile capabilities.

Ginger Audio GroundControl Sphere monitoring software

Ginger Audio has released GroundControl Sphere, a Mac-based software monitoring package designed for surround or immersive audio. The software offers versatile routing capabilities, speaker calibration, monitor control functionality, bass management, comprehensive metering, and more. It features eight input channels that can be configured from stereo up to 9.1.6 and can be routed to any available Core Audio device or other software applications. The software also includes a control room section with peak and loudness meter displays, speaker layout configuration, mutes and solos for individual speakers, volume control, routing to multiple outputs, and a dedicated cue output. GroundControl Sphere is compatible with all DAWs and is currently available for a reduced price of $319.

Atmos at The Village

Kali Audio, a studio monitor company based in Burbank, California, has gained popularity in the SoCal studio scene. The company was founded in 2018 by former employees of JBL and offers affordable studio monitors. Kali Audio’s products have evolved to their “2nd Wave” with enhancements such as a new amplifier platform and upgraded transducers. Their IN-Series monitors have received positive reviews and are being used by producers adapting to immersive mixing. Producer Niko Bolas installed a full 9.1.4 Atmos rig of Kali Audio monitors in his studio and praised their accuracy.

Assessing The Shift in Power From Producers to AI In Your DAW

The blog post discusses the rise of AI-powered music production software and the potential for AI integration in digital audio workstations (DAWs). While there are already DAWs with AI features, such as WavTool, the technology is still in its early stages. WavTool’s AI assistant, Conductor, can generate beats and basslines and offer compositional recommendations, but it lacks the knowledge and specificity required for more advanced music production tasks. The post concludes that with further development, AI in DAWs has the potential to greatly enhance music production workflows.

Distortion In Music Production: The Soul Of Sonics [Review by George Shilling]

The blog post discusses a new book called “Distortion In Music Production: The Soul Of Sonics” which is part of Routledge’s Perspectives On Music Production series. The book aims to comprehensively cover the subject matter of distortion in music production, including its history, technical aspects, practicalities, and musicological aspects. The post also mentions the high price of the book and provides a brief background on the editors, Gary Bromham and Austin Moore.

A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Reverb

This blog post is a beginner’s guide to mastering reverb in music production. It explains what reverb is and how it adds space and depth to sound. The post breaks down the main elements of reverb, including pre-delay, decay, and wet/dry mix, and provides tips on how to use them effectively. It also advises being selective with reverb and using EQ to avoid frequency clashes. The post concludes by encouraging experimentation and offers readers the opportunity to access free courses, plugins, and samples by registering with Point Blank.

The Truth About Widening Your Mixes And The 1 Way To Bring Out The Best In Them

In this blog post, the author discusses the effects of excessive stereo widening in music mixes. While stereo widening can create a spacious and immersive sound, overusing it can lead to a lack of focus and clarity in the center channel. The author suggests a more targeted approach to stereo widening, focusing on specific elements that can benefit from it rather than applying it to the entire mix. They also recommend avoiding excessive widening on instruments with a well-defined center, such as bass guitar, drums, and vocals, to maintain their punch and tightness. The author advises using stereo widening plugins that complement the mix without overpowering it and experimenting with different plugins to find the right balance. Overall, the author emphasizes the importance of using stereo widening with caution and restraint to achieve a well-crafted and immersive mix.

Waves SuperRack Performer Review: Dial in Your Live Sound

The blog post reviews the Waves SuperRack Performer plugin, which allows users to run extensive plugin chains for live performance and live sound mixing. The plugin operates as an extension of any mixing console, allowing users to stream audio from the mixer to SuperRack and back for output to the audience. It offers up to 64 stereo plugin racks with stable performance and little latency, allowing for extensive sound manipulation and refinement. The software interface is similar to a DAW mixer window, making it easy to navigate for those with experience operating a DAW. The plugin is compatible with both Mac and PC and requires a powerful computer for optimal performance. The Waves SuperRack Performer is recommended for anyone who wants to replicate the power and feel of mixing in-the-box in a live sound setting. The plugin is reasonably priced at $99 and is aimed at revolutionizing live sound mixing.

Netflix, punk rock, and 808s: In the studio with German hitmaker Bazzazian

The blog post discusses German rap producer Ben Bazzazian and his unique sound and unconventional techniques. Bazzazian has worked on projects such as the German-language Netflix hit Skylines and with artists like Haftbefehl and Rammstein. He emphasizes the importance of having his own sound and avoiding presets that are commonly used by others. Bazzazian shares that he enjoys tweaking presets to make them sound different and sometimes takes it to the extreme. He also mentions his openness in sharing his techniques with others. The post includes a conversation between Bazzazian and Kabuki, a studio geek and sound design specialist, where they discuss studio habits, distortion techniques for 808 kicks, and Bazzazian’s work for Netflix. The post also mentions a collaboration between Bazzazian and the blog on the new Bazzazian Bundle, which includes melodic instruments, drums, pads, and more processed through rack gear and boutique pedals.

5 Ways to Give Your Vocals More Depth and Dimension (ft. Soundtoys & Mixdown Online)

In this blog post, Chris Selim of Mixdown Online shares five ways to give vocals more depth and dimension. He demonstrates these techniques using the Soundtoys Effects Rack and SuperPlate. The post also mentions Soundtoys’ Summer Sale and offers a 30-day free trial. The post includes related content on guitar effects, turning guitars into synths, mixing with creative effects, and rap vocal delays. Additionally, there is a free mastering workshop available for those interested in learning more about mastering. The post concludes with popular gear deals and a featured video.

An Introduction To Sound Design with LP Giobbi at IMS 2023

Point Blank Music School recently hosted a masterclass on sound design with DJ and producer LP Giobbi at the International Music Summit in Ibiza. LP Giobbi shared her unique methodology for creating memorable tracks, discussing topics such as synthesis, waveforms, filters, and amplifiers. She also talked about her experiences as a female producer and her non-profit organization, FEMME HOUSE, which teaches women and gender-expansive individuals how to produce music. The masterclass provided valuable insights for students and highlighted the range of degree courses offered by Point Blank Music School.


Hope you’ve found these articles insightful and inspiring, sparking new ideas for your own music production journey. Be sure to tune in next week for another round of fascinating posts from the music production blogosphere!

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