Fresh Beats: Music Production Blogs Digest – Aug 25, 2023

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Roland TR-8S: Rhythm Composer for the Modern Producer

Discover the Roland TR-8S, a rhythm composer that combines the iconic sounds of Roland’s classic drum machines with modern features and capabilities. Explore its extensive sound design options, sampling engine, performance capabilities, and connectivity. Whether you’re a fan of vintage drum machine sounds or looking to push the boundaries of electronic music, the TR-8S offers a versatile and intuitive platform for creating unique and innovative beats.

Using Reverb and Delay to Achieve Depth in a Mix

Learn how reverb and delay can create depth in a mix. Explore the types of reverb and delay effects, and discover how to manipulate their parameters to enhance the spatial positioning of instruments and vocals. Find out how to use reverb and delay to create a sense of width, spaciousness, and distance in your mixes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse your listeners in a three-dimensional sonic landscape.

Creative Approaches to MIDI Velocity

In the vast world of music production, MIDI has established itself as an indispensable tool for composers, producers, and musicians alike. A key feature that has always set MIDI apart is its ability to capture the nuances of a performance through velocity. While many are familiar with the basic concepts of MIDI velocity, delving into advanced techniques can elevate a composition from the ordinary to the exceptional. Let’s explore some of these advanced strategies, aiming to enrich our music with depth, emotion, and dynamism.

When Hardware Meets Software: Plugins with Dedicated Controllers

Discover the benefits of using plugins with dedicated controllers in music production. Enhance your workflow, achieve realistic emulation, and enjoy customization and flexibility. Explore notable examples like Native Instruments Maschine, Ableton Push, and Arturia V Collection. Find out how these plugins bridge the gap between hardware and software, providing musicians and producers with powerful tools to shape their sound.

Understanding Panning and Stereo Imaging in Music Production

Learn about the concepts of panning and stereo imaging and how they can be used to enhance the listening experience. Discover techniques for shaping the stereo field, creating space and separation, and enhancing movement. Explore methods for expanding the soundstage, adjusting stereo width, and creating depth with reverb and mid-side processing. Find practical applications for electronic music, acoustic recordings, and ambient music. Discover how to bring your music to life with immersive soundscapes.