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AudioQuest Tees Up Three New PowerQuests

By: Michael Lavorgna,

AudioQuest has revamped its PowerQuest line, introducing three new models: the PQ-303 priced at $459.95, the PQ-505 at $699.95, and the PQ-707 at $1,299.95. These power conditioners are designed to offer class-leading, wide-bandwidth noise reduction of better than -22dB, ensuring cleaner, quieter power. They also feature non-sacrificial surge protection to safeguard audio equipment from unforeseen electrical spikes. Each model varies in noise-dissipation technology, with the PQ-707 boasting advanced features like Transient Power Correction. All models cater to various equipment types with 12 AC outlets, each optimized for its connected device, and they come with a 2m PowerQuest power cable. These products will be showcased at CEDIA 2023 in Denver. Read more

GoldenEar T66 Loudspeakers Introduced | Announcements

By: Editorial Staff,

GoldenEar’s new T66 loudspeakers, part of their T Series, have been unveiled, offering outstanding low-frequency performance in a sleek design inspired by the Triton Series. Featuring a High-Velocity Folded Ribbon Reference AMT tweeter, enhanced internal wiring, an optimized subwoofer arrangement, and a strong, slim cabinet design, these speakers prioritize sound quality. With technical specs such as a frequency response of 29Hz to 25kHz and built-in subwoofer power amplification of 1000W peak/500W RMS, they are priced at $6,900/pair in Gloss Black and $7,200/pair in Santa Barbara Red. Read more

TAD Announces New GE1 Floorstander Loudspeaker

By: AudioHead,

Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. (TAD Labs) has introduced the TAD-GE1 (Grand Evolution One) floorstanding speaker system, set to release in November at a price of $65,000. This addition to their Evolution Series incorporates features inspired by TAD’s Reference TX Series and the celebrated CE1TX standmount speaker. The GE1 offers various advancements including TAD’s proprietary CST Driver, a tweeter with a beryllium diaphragm, and a midrange with a magnesium diaphragm. It also includes a woofer with a MACS II diaphragm, a SILENT enclosure with Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology, ISO Drive Technology, the Bidirectional ADP System for enhanced bass, and an exquisitely finished wood enclosure. The goal was to design a model that fits between the CE1TX and the Reference One TX in performance and price. Read more


By: Paul Rigby,

The Degritter Mk.II Ultrasonic Cleaner, an upgrade from its predecessor, boasts a series of technological improvements designed to enhance vinyl cleaning. The new model introduces a pulsating ultrasonic process that shifts in power and frequency for better cleaning. It also features hardware transducers with smaller frequency sweeps, which allows for more intensive cleaning while being more energy-efficient. Additionally, the Mk.II is equipped with improved fault detection for quicker repairs and an upgraded water pump to reduce foam, which prevents potential damage to vinyl labels. During testing, the reviewer appreciated the ability to disable the pre-soak feature using a beta version of the software, as pre-soaking can wash off surfactants added directly to the vinyl, reducing cleaning efficiency. When testing the sound quality of cleaned vinyls, the reviewer found significant sonic improvements in the Mk.II over the Mk.I, especially in bass quality, mid-range, and treble clarity. While the Mk.I remains a top-notch cleaner, the enhancements in the Mk.II are both impressive and startling. Priced at £2,550, the Degritter Mk.II is highly recommended for those who prioritize vinyl cleaning and is regarded by the reviewer as the pinnacle of vinyl cleaning technology. Read more

Vitus Audio SM-103 MK.II


The Vitus Audio SM-103 MK.II is a monaural power amplifier from the Signature Series, unveiled in Herning, Denmark in 2023. Building on the legacy of the original SM-100, which revolutionized the market as a balanced amplifier, the SM-103 MK.II incorporates advancements from the MP-M201 and SS-103 models. Distinguished by its no-compromise design, the amplifier uses top-tier matched transistors and super precision resistors, aiming to deliver an audio experience akin to a live performance. With a modular internal design allowing for future upgrades, it promises to be a lasting asset for audiophiles. Additionally, the SM-103 MK.II offers a variety of color finishes and features technical specifications like XLR and RCA analogue inputs, bi-wiring speaker outputs, and impressive power and performance metrics, all housed within an aluminum body. Read more

AV Quick Takes: Sony Acquires Headphone Maker Audeze


Sony Interactive Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation focused on the PlayStation division, has acquired Audeze, a California-based premium headphone manufacturer. This acquisition aligns with Sony’s ambition to elevate audio experiences for PlayStation users and offers Audeze access to Sony’s extensive resources for product development. While the financial details remain confidential, the partnership aims to integrate Audeze’s expertise, especially in planar magnetic driver technology, into the PlayStation audio ecosystem. This is evident with Sony’s recent announcement of the PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds and the Pulse Elite gaming headset, both employing planar magnetic drivers and the new PlayStation Link wireless tech for lossless, low-latency audio. There’s also speculation that Audeze contributed to these products’ design. Additionally, the Pulse products will be compatible with Sony’s new PlayStation Portal, a remote play device, and potentially other platforms via a separate USB adapter. The release dates for these products are yet to be announced, but they are expected to be available for the holiday season. Read more

Perlisten Audio S5t Loudspeaker $13,990 Review

By: Audiophilepure,

Perlisten Audio’s S5t loudspeaker is a no-nonsense, performance-first speaker that offers sterling neutrality and a holographic stereo image. With its well-controlled, linear bottom end, it is nearly full range in typical listening rooms. The S5t is built to a high standard and features a high-gloss finish that complements modern decor. Read more

Led Zeppelin / II – Jimmy Page Remasters a Classic, Part III

By: humorem,

In this blog post, the author discusses the differences in sound between two pressings of Led Zeppelin’s album II. One customer compared a recent Jimmy Page remaster to an RL pressing and noted the absence of reverb on the remaster. The RL pressing was said to have a better sense of the studio and more space around the instruments. Read more


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