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Audio Equipment

Buchardt A10 Active Speaker Review

By: Audiophilepure,

Check out the review of Buchardt A10 Active Speakers and discover why they are a must-have for audiophiles. Find out what makes these speakers stand out and why they are recommended by experts. Read more

Reference Sounds – Wilson Sasha V with Wadax Atlantis Reference and D’Agostino

By: Christiaan Punter,

Reference Sounds recently hosted a private session featuring the impressive Wadax Atlantis Reference front end, including the Atlantis Reference Server and Atlantis Reference DAC. The system was connected to a Dan D’Agostino Momentum HD preamplifier and Momentum MxV S250 Stereo Power Amplifier, with Wilson Audio Sasha V loudspeakers and Transparent Audio cables. The Wadax components feature advanced power supply regulation and noise elimination technology. Stay tuned for the journalist’s listening impressions of this exceptional audio system. Read more

Review: REL T/Zero Mkiii Subwoofer

By: David Neice,

The REL T/Zero Mkiii Subwoofer is a small but powerful subwoofer designed for audiophiles who are skeptical of subs. Despite its modest price, it performs exceptionally well, providing subtle and realistic bass reinforcement. It is highly recommended for speakers like LS3/5a, Magnepan LRS or MMG, DALI Spektor 1s and 2s, Unity Audio Inner Souls, and Q Acoustic’s 3020i. The T/Zero Mkiii features a compact design with a single 6.5-inch driver in a downward-firing closed box, emphasizing speed and resolution. Its sealed box acoustic suspension design enhances speed and transparency. Overall, it is a high-quality subwoofer that exceeds expectations. Read more

Rockna Wavelight Pre/DAC

By: press release,

Rockna introduces the Wavelight Pre/DAC, a package designed for audiophiles seeking high-quality audio reproduction with analog charm. The Wavelight DAC features software-defined architecture and FPGA technology, allowing for flexibility and future upgrades. It offers four filter modes for upsampling and employs reclocking and D/A conversion techniques for effective jitter cleaning. The analog section is fully discrete, and the unit can also function as a preamplifier. The Wavelight is manually assembled with selected components and undergoes strict quality control. It offers various digital inputs and outputs, and firmware upgrades can be done via USB or Bluetooth. Read more

Moonriver Audio announces 505 hybrid phono stage

By: Dagogo Staff,

Moonriver Audio has announced the release of their 505 hybrid phono stage, designed for audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts. The phono stage features 4 inputs for turntables, tone-arms, and cartridges, with dedicated knobs and switches for on-the-fly adjustments. Made in Sweden, the Moonriver 505 is hand-assembled and covered by a 3-year warranty. The phono stage boasts an ergonomic user interface and a low-noise, active, hybrid solid-state circuit for exceptional performance. With XLR and RCA inputs and outputs, the Moonriver 505 is a versatile and high-quality addition to any vinyl setup. Read more

Sonus faber Duetto video review

By: John,

Sonus faber’s new Duetto active loudspeaker faced delays in its launch due to technical errors in the press release. The speaker features 100 Watts of Class A/B amplifier and a 1.1″ tweeter, contrary to the initial press release. Additionally, the mid/bass driver is powered by a 250-Watt Class D amplifier, not the 205 Watts stated in the release. These errors were corrected after a reader’s intervention and verification on Sonus faber’s website. The Duetto is the company’s first streaming active loudspeaker, combining hardware and software capabilities. Read more

Aurender N10 Streamer Review – Compared To Lumin U1 Mini

By: CAH,

In this blog post, the author compares the Aurender N10 streamer to the Lumin U1 Mini digital sources. The author initially used the Aurender N100 and later switched to the Small Green Computer/Sonore setup before trying out the Lumin U1 Mini. The Lumin U1 Mini is described as a fine unit but lacking in sound quality compared to the SGC setup. The setup process and the Lumin app are praised for their ease of use. The Lumin U1 Mini supports streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, as well as MQA and Leedh Processing for digital volume adjustment. Read more


Prokofiev / Piano Concerto No. 3 / Cliburn

By: humorem,

This blog post discusses the exceptional sound quality of a vintage Shaded Dog pressing of Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3 and MacDowell’s Concerto No. 2. The author emphasizes the Tubey Magical Midrange and the immersive experience of listening to vintage all analog recordings. They also highlight the importance of top end extension, transparency, and resolution in creating a three-dimensional studio space. The post concludes by stating that the Hot Stamper pressing offers the best sound quality and invites readers to experience it for themselves. Read more


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