Audio Arc: Audiophile Blogs Digest – Aug 31, 2023

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When hi-res audio can’t compete with vinyl…

By: John,

Why bother with vinyl in 2023 when hi-res audio versions of selected titles are streamable? It’s not an unreasonable question. For vinyl pressed prior to the early 1990s, we might buy it in order to get as close to the master tape as possible. Nowadays, most mastering studios work in the digital domain, first converting the master tape’s contents to a digital file before remastering its contents and cutting a new ‘remastered’ lacquer. The short answer is that the streaming file and the vinyl record are created from different masters. Read more

Klipschorns vs Altec Lansing Valencia vs Altec Lansing A7

By: CAH,

This blog post compares the Klipschorns, Altec Lansing Valencia, and Altec Lansing A7 speakers. The author shares their experiences with each speaker, including how they sounded in their room and with different setups. They also discuss the ease of living with and integrating these speakers into a listening space. Read more

Goldmund Telos 8800 Mono Power Amplifier

By: press release,

The Goldmund Telos 8800 mono power amplifier is a groundbreaking amplifier that sets a new standard for performance. With 4 separate electronic boards for maximum stability, it delivers unrivaled power and revolutionary innovations. The amplifier features a silver-metallised MKP polypropylene film capacitor for a stable power supply, and its sides are designed as heat sinks for optimal cooling. With 1400Wrms of power and a fully analogue circuit, it guarantees exceptional audio performance. The amplifier also boasts all-gold metal terminals and screws for improved signal transmission. Experience the new technological prowess of the Telos 8800 amplifier. Read more

Bowers & Wilkins’ launches new 600 Series S3 speakers

By: The Editor,

Bowers & Wilkins has launched the eighth generation of its 600 Series speakers, the S3 range. The range includes four models: the floorstanding 603, standmount 606, bookshelf 607, and a dedicated centre channel in the HTM6. The new speakers feature upgrades such as a new titanium-dome tweeter, improved Continuum cone, updated crossovers, and improved cabinets. The S3 range will be available in early September at various retail prices. Read more

Was It Even Possible for Harry Pearson to Create a Meaningful Super Disc List?

By: humorem,

In this blog post, the author discusses the limitations of Harry Pearson’s approach to finding the best sounding records. They argue that Pearson could have been more successful if he had access to modern record cleaning technology, better playback equipment, and a team of experts. The author also criticizes Pearson’s reliance on the myth that the original pressing is always superior and the belief in the superiority of Heavy Vinyl remasters. Read more

The Complete Audio Note UK System | REVIEW

By: Marc Phillips,

Marc Phillips reviews the complete Audio Note UK audio system, emphasizing its holistic approach to a unified sound signature. Driven by Peter Qvortrup’s vision, the system focuses on realism and emotional resonance in music. Components like the AN-J/D Hemp loudspeakers and the Cobra integrated amp/DAC stood out for their quality and performance. Read more

Degritter Record Cleaner Review

By: Audiophilepure,

Discover the Degritter Record Cleaner, a revolutionary device that eliminates surface noise and residue from vinyl records. Unlike other cleaners, the ultrasonic method used by the Degritter ensures a pristine sound quality without any swishing noise or hiss. Highly recommended by audiophiles, this product is a game-changer for vinyl enthusiasts. Find out more about the Degritter and why it was awarded Product of the Year in the accessories category. Read more


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