Audio Arc: Audiophile Blogs Digest – Aug 17, 2023

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Gryphon Audio Readies the EOS 5 Loudspeaker

By: Michael Lavorgna,

Gryphon Audio is preparing to release the EOS 5 Loudspeaker, a larger version of their EOS 2 model. The new loudspeaker offers improved full-range performance and a wider frequency response. It features a unique matte black paint called S-Mat Black, which has a self-healing chemistry that can repair small scratches. The EOS 5 maintains the sleek design and finish options of the EOS 2. Gryphon Audio is known for their impressive sound and aesthetics, making the EOS 5 an exciting addition to their lineup. Read more


By: Paul Rigby,

Stack Audio has announced the AUVA 50 loudspeaker isolators and the all-new AUVA EQ system isolators. The AUVA EQs are aimed at isolating general components in your HiFi chain, using Particle Impact Damping isolators and Custom Silicone Absorber. The AUVA 50s are lower cost models designed to hold your loudspeakers rigidly while absorbing vibration. They are available in sets of three or four with a choice of felt pads or spikes and a wide choice of fixing sizes. The AUVA 50s are compatible with most speakers up to 275kg/606lbs. Prices start from £125.00 (+ VAT) for a set of three. Read more

Musical Fidelity A1

By: press release,

Musical Fidelity reintroduces the classic A1 amplifier, maintaining the original specifications and circuits from its 1985 release. With updated components and power supplies, the A1 delivers 25W of pure Class A power and is capable of driving difficult speakers. The new version features an updated transformer, improved power supplies, and a new ‘direct’ switch for bypassing the gain block. It also includes a motorized volume potentiometer and an IR remote control. The A1 is praised for its sweet, warm, and full sound, making it a must-have for music lovers. Read more

Astell And Kern Announce A New Gen 2 Of Their True Wireless Earphone

By: AudioHead,

Astell and Kern have announced the second generation of their true wireless earphones, the AK UW100 MK II. Priced at $299, these earphones offer high-quality sound with a unique amplifier and audio circuit technology, as well as a 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC. The earphones also feature Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers for clearer and more accurate sound reproduction. Additionally, the AK UW100 MK II offers passive noise isolation and noise-canceling capabilities comparable to active noise cancellation. With support for aptX Adaptive and Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus mode, these earphones provide improved connectivity and reduced latency. Read more

Review: HYM Seed – vinyl made simple

By: J LOH,

Discover the HYM Seed, an all-in-one turntable system that makes vinyl playback simple and convenient. With built-in amplification and speakers, this Bluetooth-enabled device allows you to enjoy music from both analog and digital sources. While it may not satisfy audiophile purists, the Seed offers a certain degree of audiophile credibility. It features a spring-based suspension system to isolate the turntable from speaker vibrations, and its lightweight tonearm and belt-driven platter provide smooth playback. The Seed also includes RCA outputs for connecting to external sound systems and a remote control for easy operation. Read more

Marantz 2265 – Just wow.

By: Bargain Brad,

Discover the incredible sound quality and value of the Marantz 2265 vintage receiver. Despite its age, this receiver delivers crystal clear music with no static or skipping. The sound is described as immediate and immersive, creating a realistic illusion of the musicians being in the room. It excels with rock music, providing a lively and energetic presentation. The Marantz 2265 also performs well with other genres, adding warmth and engagement to the listening experience. While it may not be the most accurate or best-measuring receiver, it is a favorite among audiophiles. Don’t miss out on this popular and highly recommended receiver. Read more

Workingman’s Dead is Dead as a Doornail on Rhino Records

By: humorem,

The 2003 Rhino reissue of Workingman’s Dead on heavy vinyl is a disaster, lacking the Tubey Magic of the original. Rhino Records has made a mockery of the analog medium with their low-quality pressings. The CD versions of their LP titles sound far better. Despite this, there are people who actually like these records. This blog post explores the flaws of Heavy Vinyl pressings and the disappointment of audiophile collectors. Read more


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