Audio Arc: Audiophile Blogs Digest – Aug 10, 2023

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HiFi Rose Adds A New “Network Transport” To The Lineup

By: AudioHead,

HiFi Rose introduces the RS130 Ultimate Network Transport, a high-end digital streamer with extensive connectivity options. The RS130 features a large screen, Roon Ready certification, Bluetooth, and various digital music streaming options. It also includes advanced features such as Fiber Optic Ethernet and USB for noise isolation, an overbuilt linear power supply, and an ultra-high-precision OCXO clock for accurate audio signal. The RS130 is equipped with a touchscreen, HDMI output, and multiple digital output connectors. It supports a wide range of sampling rates and is priced at $5,195.00 USD. Read more

Hegel Viking video review

By: John,

In this video review, John Darko compares the Hegel Viking CD player to the Schiit Urd CD transport with three different external DACs. The Viking, priced at €5000, features a new DAC chip from AKM, improved digital staging, a better master clock implementation, and a slot loader. Darko also discusses his love for CDs and how he has built a new collection of around a thousand CDs. Watch the video to find out how the Viking performs against other high-end CD players. Read more

In Barn for Review: Java Hi-Fi Single Shot Integrated Amplifier

By: Michael Lavorgna,

The Java Hi-Fi Single Shot Integrated Amplifier is in barn for review. This full-featured integrated amp features an inbuilt USB DAC and MM Phono Stage, as well as multiple connectivity options including aptX Bluetooth. The amplifier boasts a 200 Watt GaN FET-based Class D power output and offers seven finish options and three front panel colors. The review features a real wood Satin Walnut veneer and a solid 4mm anodized aluminum front panel. Read more

Hegel H600 integrated amplifier

By: press release,

The Hegel H600 integrated amplifier is a powerhouse with 303 watts in 8 ohms, dual mono design, and state-of-the-art preamplifier. It offers an immensely wide and deep soundstage, incredible dynamic range, and tremendous bass control. The amplifier features a bit-perfect D/A converter, customizable streaming options, and a large array of analog and digital connections. It is highly versatile, delivers high-end sound, and is housed in a minimalistic design. The H600 is a hub for digital music and a home for all connected sources, with a sound suitable for mansions. Read more

Holst / The Planets / Mehta

By: humorem,

Discover the stunning sound of Holst’s ‘The Planets’ on this vintage London pressing. With clear, full-bodied sound and scratch-free surfaces, this record offers an astounding listening experience. The Tubey Magical Midrange and the immersive soundstage make it a must-have for audiophiles. Find out why modern repressings can’t replicate the vintage analog sound. Explore the qualities that the best pressings of ‘The Planets’ offer, including the largest staging, Tubey Magic, tight bass, natural tonality, transparency, and resolution. Don’t miss out on this Blockbuster Sound that creates a unique orchestral staging in your home. Read more


By: Paul Rigby,

Discover the X2 B Balanced turntable from Pro-Ject in this YouTube review. Find out if the balanced mode is worth it or just a fancy gimmick. Read more

Clarisys Audio Minuet planar ribbon speaker system Review

By: Doug Schroeder,

Read about the Clarisys Audio Minuet planar ribbon speaker system review and the author’s experience with ribbon speakers. Discover the improvements Clarisys has made to vintage Apogee speakers and their dedication to supporting a charity in Vietnam. Read more


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